Former executive for forty years in the corporate, legal and academic world. BS, MBA and PhD, all in business.

Author of 1 financial planning book and seven novels. Resides in Cumberland, RI with wife, Pauline.

They have three grown children.

Novels include:        Flower of Heaven

                                 Dangerous Bloodlines

                                  A Life Before


                                  Code Name Lily

                                   Diamond and Pearls

                                   The Treasure

Tim Baird  

The Author

Tim Baird spends his days lost in the world of medical device design and manufacturing. Volunteering with children in several youth robotics programs, he is trying his hardest to avoid growing up, one robot at a time. When he’s not designing or writing, he enjoys time at home with his wife & son, watching/reading anything Star Wars related, and spending time out in the woods of New England.

I enjoy writing what I love to read: fantasy and science-fiction. I have published three full-length novels, 'The Dragon in the Whites', 'Washington's Dragon Hunter', and 'Dragon Liberator'. I have also recently published a quarantine-lit novella, 'Eggs in Two Baskets' and am in the process now of writing my first children's book. All books can be found on Amazon / Barnes & Noble as paperback, hardcover, and eBooks, as well as at many fine independent book stores around New England. 'The Dragon in the Whites' is also available as an audiobook via Audible if you'd like to experience my work that way.

If you'd like to take a risk-free peek at my writing, see the 'Files' below for Chapters 1 & 2 of 'The Dragon in the Whites'. If you enjoy it, please consider purchasing the entire book and dive into my fantastic world of dragon shenanigans!

Either way, keep reading and have fun! Tim

Kimball is a full-time baseball scout for the San Diego Padres. Before becoming a scout, he worked as a journalist for 10 years, in print and broadcast. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in Dramatic Art and Broadcast Journalism. He is a native New Yorker, currently living in Providence, Rhode Island with his two daughters, who are the inspiration for this, his first book.

Growing up sailing the waters of Narragansett Bay, Elizabeth took many detours before settling down to write her first novel. With a doctorate in history from the University of Oxford and many years serving in US embassies around the world, Elizabeth built a house with a view of the water so she could fulfill her lifelong ambition to write stories focused on what fires her passion. She is an enthusiastic supporter of Save the Bay and of all who share her devotion to the ocean, to family, and to a belief in a happy-ever-after.

                                                                                    Elizabeth Devlin—“Stories with a Waterview”

Dana Gambardella is the author of two children’s books, Mama Bear’s Magic and Grandma’s House. She is embracing a lifetime of literacy, living to learn, and loving her process.

An avid young reader, raised in North Providence, RI, she became a reflective writer in her teens, processing and savoring memories, feelings, and experiences.

As a RI literacy specialist for over 20 years, she values using story as the one constant innovative practice that remains powerfully instrumental for learners of all ages. Dana coined the social media handle @LiteracyChef in 2015 when she realized her passion to write and nurture children’s love of story and appreciation for the impact their own story has on their learning process just had to evolve.

Equally passionate for the culinary arts thanks to her paternal, Italian Grandmother, Dana always shares that “experts in both areas need to combine the right ingredients and practices to create a successful recipe—one that reaches many individual palettes and learners.”

As President of Literacy Chef Publishing, LLC, Dana merges an educator’s passion for childhood literacy with a vital mission for young readers to embrace their own process as the essential ingredient to fostering a love of story and a lifetime of literacy.

Creator of 7 Rhode Island books and 6 Rhode Island games, Roberta Mudge Humble does presentations on Rhode Island as well. She was professor of English for 47 years at CCRI and is president of Westerly Armory Restoration, Inc. and known for her work with Rhode Island's historic armories.

Ruth Maille has owned and operated her licensed family daycare/preschool for the past 30 years. In addition, she is a certified parent-relationship coach. Through her extensive hands-on experiences, she has learned how children think and react to different situations. Using positive mindsets, which is the main focus of her book, she helps family members build strong, meaningful partnerships filled with better understanding, more joy, and the ability to work through problems.

Most recently, Ruth has developed a passion for writing. She has always had a dream of writing children’s books. She recently launched her 1st book, The Power of Positivity The ABC'S of a Pandemic. Her daycare children inspired her book during this pandemic.

There is a companion Coloring Book for ages 3-5 yrs and an Activity Book for ages 5-8 yrs that go hand and hand with The Power of Positivity Tha ABC's of a Pandemic.

Just recently, she translated her book into a Spanish version due out Mid December.

Ruth's goal is to use her stories to empower children and help them achieve the individual greatness that each child has within.

Hi, Everyone. My name is Debra Mulligan, and I am a professor of history at Roger Williams University. I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame and am currently the vice president of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society. I live in Warren with my husband, David, and have one lovely daughter Katie who lives in Bristol, RI with her husband, Todd.

If you want to hear about murder, mayhem, corruption, and intrigue ... this is the place. Governor J. Howard McGrath was not only a Rhode Island figure; he served as the Democratic National Chairman during the controversial election of 1948. Remember, that was the election when everyone went to bed on November 2nd, thinking that New York Governor Thomas Dewey was elected president only to discover that the pollsters were wrong. Harry Truman was chosen by the people. Because of his successful management of the campaign, J. Howard McGrath was rewarded with an appointment as U.S. Attorney General.

In addition to my book- Democratic Repairman, I have also published a number of articles and a few book chapters.  My next project, "Little Italies of Rhode Island" is currently at the beginning stages.  I can't wait to begin this research.  Tentatively titled, "Between Two Worlds: Little Italies of Rhode Island," this book will look at the contributions of Italians to the state.

Thanks for choosing to spend these next forty-five minutes with me.

Both my novels -- Vietnam Remix and There Comes A Time -- resurrect the feelings and disorientation of those incandescent years when I served as a "civilian-cover" spy for US Army Intelligence, 1968-70.  Neither is a "combat" book, but take a light-hearted, textured tone to remember those years when America was changing so much.  If dozens of Amazon reviews cause you to be interested in either, write me at Vietnam.Remix.1968@gmail.com for an inscribed copy and readers' guide not available from Amazon, for the same price.  They had plenty of money already, eh?

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David Orsini is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Brown University, with degrees that include a Ph. D. in English Literature. He has taught literature, grammar, and composition at Cranston High School East and at Park View Middle School. He has also taught as an adjunct instructor at Rhode Island College and Johnson and Wales University. He is an Army veteran, a hockey fan, and a writer of literary fiction. In several of David Orsini's novels, revenge anchors itself to remorse, retribution, new self-awareness, and sometimes the possibility of repentance. In THE WOMAN WHO LOVED TOO WELL and its sequel THE GHOST LOVERS, the life of a young World War Two anti-hero is forever changed when he sets out to avenge himself against two men who have stolen the love of his wife. In SCHEMES, DISGUISES, & TRAPS, a bitter man who is drawn into a dark world of betrayal, murder, and revenge stands at the crossroad that leads to regeneration or despair. In THE WEAVER OF PLOTS, revenge makes a woman dangerous, relentless, and destructive. It also recoils upon her and compels her to face the harsh truth about herself. Two of his books, VANISHING BY DEGREES and BITTERNESS / SEVEN STORIES, test his characters' ability to survive tragic situations. In a novella, THE SUBTLETIES OF SEDUCTION, a boat race on Newport, Rhode Island waters during the summer of 1920 initiates a scenario of scandal, malice, and duplicity. 

Laurel (Kupillas) Ostiguy was born in Queensbury, New York—a town sandwiched between Lake George and Saratoga Springs—where she still visits with friends and family. She currently lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

She attended Plymouth State University and graduated in 1997. She is married to her college sweetheart, Jeff, and they have two sons. She also received her master’s degree from Northeastern University in 2003. When she is not working in Boston, she loves to spend time with her family and friends as well as skiing, skating, swimming, writing, or just enjoying the beautiful New England seasons.

Laurel is a member of the New England Romance Writers, Inc, Association of Rhode Island Authors and Romance Writers of America. She is also a proud member of Hometown Reads in the Boston, Massachusetts group which supports local writers. The Author is currently working on the fourth book in the series.

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Todd Schmenk is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 18 years of experience in the mental & behavioral health field helping patients work through chronic health, anxiety, and adjustment issues.  He is in private practice in Providence, RI and is adept in using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), and advanced Integral Psychotherapy (IP) methodologies to facilitate client awareness and emotional flexibility driven by values-based, client-centered, and solution-focused strategies.

His latest book:  "Team Positive: How to Support Someone Coping with Chronic Illnness" addresses the following three most often asked questions:

  1. How to address the anxiety and depression associated with a health condition such as Covid-19, Cancer, Heart Disease, Crohn's Disease, or any other difficult health or mental health condition 
  2. How to build and provide compassionate support whether it is you or a loved one that is dealing with such a condition and
  3. How to increase your psychological flexibility to better be able to cope with your own personal experiences in the face of such a challenge and beyond.

Given the complexities of the current Covid-19 pandemic, this book could not have come at a more important time for so many as right now.

You can get a sneak peak of the first chapter below.

Todd is also a dynamic public speaker with more than 15 years expertise educating various populations (both public and professional) on mental health and wellness topics utilizing enthusiasm, story-telling and technology in delivering memorable speeches and presentations that engage audiences.

Mike has been writing The Overlords Fantasy Book series for over twenty years. Currently, he lives in Tiverton, RI with his wife Lea, and their children, Devin and Samantha. Mike speaks at elementary, middle, and high schools, colleges, local libraries, and writer’s groups where his sincere hope is to inspire everyone he meets to be creative and follow their dreams. He also is the President of the Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA).

When not working on the Overlords series, Mike is very active in fitness and sports. He continues to play baseball where he is a knuckleball pitcher for the Rhode Island Brewers that won the 2008 and 2014 National Championships in Phoenix, AZ. He also runs 4 to 5 miles on a regular basis, does interval weight and cardio training, and takes Vinyasa yoga classes twice a week. Did we mention that he’s an engineer working on Homeland Defense projects, too?

Debbie Kaiman Tillinghast is the author of The Ferry Home, a memoir about her childhood on Prudence Island, a small island in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. Her writing has appeared in Country magazine, and her poetry featured in five anthologies published by the Association of Rhode Island Authors. Debbie is a retired teacher and Nutrition Educator. A Dream Worth Keeping, her first novel, will be available in December 2020.

Visit her at www.debbiekaimantillinghast.com

The Ferry Home https://www.amazon.com/dp/0996233016/

A Dream Worth Keeping https://www.amazon.com/dp/1952521602/1606919427&sr=8-1



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After retiring from teaching, Dana Vacca now spends most of her time writing short stories, poetry and novellas and restoring and selling antiques. She says unraveling the story of an intriguing antique piece is like time-traveling back to another era. Researching an old heirloom brings history to life. It feeds and inspires her writing as her imagination takes over and fills in the blanks.

Having been born in the North, but living almost half her life in the South, she always found the people of the Civil War era a fascinating subject to explore. That time, packed with emotional, social and economic upheaval, is complicated to understand and its impact still influences the American present.

Dana Vacca holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design and a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Vermont College. She taught visual media and design at the college level. She has illustrated children’s books but equally loves to paint with words to create exciting adventure, vivid imagery and compelling characters in her creative writing and fictional works.

She is now living again in coastal New England with two dogs who are her faithful companions and biggest fans.

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Mary Catherine Volk is a best-selling author, spiritual life coach and speaker. Believe In Forever How to Recognize Signs from Departed Loved Ones is based on first hand experiences; detailing the specific signs. Our loved ones are near shortly after passing, to help us with our grief and to let us know their consciousness and love for us is eternal. These signs have a significant meaning for us. They will visit us periodly during the year especially to celebrate joyful occasions or when you need a hug. These humorous and heartwarming stories will give you chills as they warm your heart; teaching you to trust your own intuitive ability. It was not just your imagination or an odd coincidence. You can't fake a goose bump! 

Visit her at www.marycatherinevolk.com