LARP Registration

vendredi 26 mai   05:00 PM à 09:00 PM (4 heures)
5th Floor - Atrium
Come join us for the fun and excitement of Live Action Role Playing. Opening Ceremonies are in the James Suite at 11am immediately following Saturday registration. The Game will commence afterwards and will run until Monday morning. Registration begins Friday night in the 5th floor Atrium, just down from Main Registration. It will run from 5 to 9pm, then continue Saturday morning at 9am until 10:45pm. You don't need to bring anything, just your imagination. Everything will be provided for you. Costumes are not required, but they look great. There is a small fee of $10.00 to cover the cost of materials. All players are welcome, regardless of age or experience. If you have never LARPed before we will be hosting a LARPing 101 Panel Saturday morning in the James suite on the 6th floor, just prior to the opening Ceremonies. This year's story line is...Libriotopia...bringing the world of books and comics to life. So come for the fun. stay for the mayhem. 

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