Trinity Adler
Author, Contributing author with HorrorAddicts.net


Tony Barajas
Fight Coordinator St. Michael's Salle d'Armes, St. Michael's Salle d'Armes
Beth Barany
Novelist, Speaker, Creativity Coach, YA Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction Mystery
Ezra Barany
Bestselling Author of Thrillers and Erotica
Jacquelyn Bartel
Attorney, DLA Piper LLP
Veronica Belmont
Host / Producer, Sword & Laser
Douglas Berry
Crossing Guard, Santa Clara Police Department
John Blaker
Hospital Chaplain
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Writer/Editor/Musician, Book View Cafe
Ric Bretschneider
Writer, Podcast Producer, Product Designer, Board of Directors The Presentation Guild, RAB Endeavors


Jennifer L. Carson
Editor, Freelance
Gregg Castro
Indigenous Cultural Activist, Association of Ramaytush Ohlone (ARO)
M Christian
Writer, Editor, Publisher, Renaissance E Books/Digital Parchment Services
Ryan Clifford
Saber guild: Golden Gate Temple
Professor, Contra Costa College
Lillian Csernica
Author, Sense of Wonder Press


Margaret Davis
Owner, Margaret Davis Calligraphy & Design and Flowinglass Music
J.L. Doty
Running dog lackey, Bourgeois Capitalist Establishment
Christine Doyle
Physician, CEP America


Teresa Edgerton
writer, editor
Meg Elison


Colin Fisk
Author/Game Designer


Christopher Garcia
Curator, Computer History Museum
Michael Garcia
Board Secretary, Artistic Solutions, Inc.
Mark Gelineau
author and educator, Painted Knees Mysteries
ElizaBeth Gilligan
Author, Editor & Literary Opportunist, SFWA, DAW Books
Bonnie Gordon
The Library Bards
Celeste GreerWalker
Local assistant director, Saber Guild Golden Gate Temple
Taunya Gren
Actress/ Producer/Writer, 5Rainbow Productions


Jay Hartlove
Author, Playwright, Director, Producer, Costumer, JayWrites Productions
Tyler Hayes
Writer, N/A
S.P. Hendrick
Author S. P. Hendrick, Pendraig Publishing
Carolyn Hill
Teacher, Author, University of California, Berkeley
Laurel Anne Hill
Author and Anthology Editor
Thaddeus Howze
Writer, Consultant, Ebonstorm Media


Rebecca Inch-Partridge
Free lance editor



Katharine Kit Kerr
inkstained wretch
R. L. King
Author/Publisher, Magespace Press
Kristoph Klover
Owner and Recording Engineer, Flowinglass Music
Edward Kukla
Educator, Kukla Consulting
DrWanda Kurtcu
STE(A)M Advocate/Lecturer, SJSU


Stephen "Dirk" Libbey
Staff Writer And Associate Editor, CinemaBlend
C. Sanford Lowe
C Sanford Lowe
Bradford Lyau
Entrepreneur and Independent Scholar, Globosocks LLC


Pat MacEwen
Vanessa MacLaren-Wray
engineer/writer, RPG Power Systems
Kai MacTane
Belter Linguist
A.E. Marling
Independent Author, Writer of Creative Text for Wizards of the Coast
Jean Martin
Finery Editor, Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild
Derek McCaw
Editor, Host, Fanboy Planet
David McGaffey
International Consultant; Adjunct Professor, InterConsultGlobal; St.Mary's College of California; Holy Names University
Margaret McGaffey Fisk
Author, TTO Publishing
Tom Merritt
Host, Sword and Laser
Steven Mix
Author, Green Machine Comics


Amy-Elyse Neer
Artist and Student, The Art of Amy-Elyse Neer
Jennifer Nestojko
Instructor, San Jose Middle College
G. David Nordley
writer, consultant, The Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society


Chris OHalloran
Senior Machine Aided Indexing Analyst (real job) - Hospitality Department Head - (Fannish job), Cengage Learning (real job) - Worldcon 76 in San Jose (Fannish job)



Loren Rhoads
author, Automatism Press
Emerian Rich
Artist, Author, Weirdo?, Self and HorrorAddicts
SallyRose Robinson
HR Staffer, Company owner, BayCon
Event manager, Programming Division Head
Michele Roger
Deborah J. Ross
author, editor


Michael Sarkisian
Instructor, JOAT Survival
Sumiko Saulson
Horror Author, Comic Illustrator, Iconoclast Productions
Carrie Sessarego
writer, Smart Bitches Trashy Books
Seth Shostak
Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute
Michael Siladi
Senior Application Administrator, University of California at Santa Cruz
Heidi Stauffer
Science and Math Teacher, Lydian Academy
Jason Malcolm Stewart
Author and Journalist
Helen Stringer


Linden Tarr
Photographer, PhotoBOMBincorporated
Sydney Thomson
Physician Anesthesiologist


Orkan Umurhan
Research Scientist


Yvonne White
Science Teacher, Hayward High School
Brian Williams
Science Laboratory Coordinator, Contra Costa College
Sarah Williams
Energy Commission Specialist II, Merrie Pryanksters



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