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Michael Siladi


Senior Application Administrator
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Michael has attended a lot of conventions over the years, and been chairman of more than his fair share. He’s even been the Fan Guest of Honor at a few, including being privileged to be the FGoH at Loscon 35 in 2008.

Michael enjoys teaching others how to run conventions, and leads the occasional "Conventional Wisdom", the San Francisco Bay Area Convention College. He was the Chairman of SMOFcon 17, the convention organizer’s convention, in December of 1999. He really likes it when his past students start running conventions of their own.

Michael has two very special distinctions: he is a Saint of the Universal Life Church, and he has been granted dispensation by the Church of the Sub-Genius (Praise Bob!) to Grant Slack unto others. He will also lead Pastafarian Revival Meetings if asked nicely.

Michael and his sweetie, Alison Stern, live in Northern California with a handful of computers, a bunch of printers, some cameras and telescopes, lots of books, and many cats.