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S.I.T.S: Saganami Island Tactical Simulator (The Gauntlet)

8:00 PM, Sunday 3 Jul 2022 (3 hours)
San Mateo Marriott - Collaborate 3

(4 players) w/CaptJG Sir Alex Shaffer

The Gauntlet

"We're done, James. Tell the Queen. Tell her what my people did. And tell her I'm sor—"

How many ships does it take to destroy one? It took 6 ships to bring down Commodore Edward Saganami with 5 being crippled or destroyed, let's see how a modern recreation of the Battle of Carson turns out.

This will be a 1v6 with the players facing me in the role of Cdre Saganami, with a prize for the ship that manages the killshot. This session will count towards marksmanship points for TRMN members.


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