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JC Arkham is a professional graphic designer, photographer and artist born and raised in the South Bay Area in California with degrees in art, sciences and design. He’s the creator and host of the NerdVana Podcast along with co-host “Two-Buck” Chuck Serface since 2012. Some other shenanigans include Art Director for Worldcon76 in San Jose in 2018, Board of Directors member for ConSanity and Co-Chair for Con-Volution 2017, Room Chair Designer, special f/x makeup artist, line actor and talent coordinator for G.Y.R.O.’s World of Terror, prop-builder and collector for over 35 years, lightsaber archivist, you might have even seen him in a feature film or two. More recently he’s taken up the hobby of classic video arcade game collecting and restoration.

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Samedi 28 mai, 2016

Fuseau horaire: (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Magical Mystery Panel
1 heure 30 minutes, 11:30 - 13:00

- Convene 1

Sandra Durbin (Participant.e)

JC Arkham, The NerdVana Podcast (Participant.e)

M. Todd Gallowglas, Gallowglas Army (Modérateur.rice)

Jenni Brush (Modérateur.rice)

Cody Parcell (Modérateur.rice)

JohnO, - (Participant.e)

Kathleen, Self-employed (Participant.e)

Dario Ciriello (Participant.e)

Bonnie Gordon, The Library Bards (Participant.e)

Xander Jeanneret (Participant.e)

Elnath D. Shanks (Participant.e)

Sumiko Saulson, Iconoclast Productions (Participant.e)

DrWanda Kurtcu, SJSU (Participant.e)

Tory Parker (Participant.e)

Tom Saidak, The Royal Manticoran Navy (Participant.e)

Taunya Gren, 5Rainbow Productions (Participant.e)

Steven Mix, Green Machine Comics (Participant.e)

Margaret McGaffey Fisk, TTO Publishing (Participant.e)

J.L. Doty, Bourgeois Capitalist Establishment (Participant.e)

Douglas Shepard (Participant.e)

Raising Kids In Fandom Culture
1 heure 30 minutes, 13:00 - 14:30

- Collaborate 3

Sarah Williams, Merrie Pryanksters (Modérateur.rice)

Carrie Sessarego, Smart Bitches Trashy Books (Participant.e)

Linden Tarr, PhotoBOMBincorporated (Participant.e)

JC Arkham, The NerdVana Podcast (Participant.e)

GoH Interview: David Gerrold
1 heure 30 minutes, 14:30 - 16:00

- Convene 1

Beth00 (Participant.e)

David Gerrold (Participant.e)

JC Arkham, The NerdVana Podcast (Participant.e)