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Harassment Policy

Artistic Solutions, Incorporated (“ASI”), dba BayCon, is committed to running conventions, and other events, that are as free from harassment as we can possibly make them. Convention and event organizers are authorized to take any curative or corrective action they deem necessary to protect event attendees, including staff and volunteers, from those who have committed acts of harassment, up to and including expelling the offender from the event without a refund. Regardless of whether or not an action was taken against an offender during a convention or event, the ASI Board of Directors reserves the right to take additional protective actions, up to and including prohibiting (temporarily or permanently) the offender’s attendance at future ASI events.

Definition of Harassment

“Harassment” is acting in a manner that is disturbing or upsetting to others. That includes and is not limited to: making offensive comments, making repeated or unwanted sexual advances, being deliberately intimidating, stalking or following, photographing or recording in an upsetting manner, repeatedly disrupting panels or other events, making inappropriate physical contact, staring or leering, and taking retaliatory action against someone who complained of harassment, or encouraging others to take retaliatory action.

Future Updates to this Policy

The ASI Board of Directors will, on a semi-annual basis, review the implementation of this policy and revise it as needed.

Harassment Policy