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Accessibility Policy

BayCon is committed to continual efforts to make the convention a positive and accessible experience. Our goal is for all aspects of our convention to be accessible to all attendees.
We currently provide the following:

Wheelchair/scooter spaces and dedicated seating for disabled members in all programming spaces.

Project Oasis will be present to offer a quiet space for the duration of the con.

At peak hours, registration will provide alternate measures for those who are unable to stand for an extended period. Alternatives for those who need to bypass lines for large events are also available. Please contact programming to make those arrangements.

Any specific requests for accommodations we may not have covered should be directed to We will happily work with you to provide an accessible and comfortable solution.

Attendees with allergies or scent and chemical sensitivities should note that the Marriott does use scented products in their cleaning. Please contact the hotel at booking to request allergen-free rooms.
We encourage able-bodied members to use the stairs at high traffic times in order to leave the elevators accessible to those for whom stairs are a barrier.

We request that all members be mindful that scented products are problematic for many attendees and to refrain from unnecessary fragrances at BayCon.

We remind smokers to please stay away from access points and the paths to those access points so that others may enter and exit the venue safely and comfortably.

Accessibility Policy