Good Ethics is Good Business: Ethics in the Business of Photography

Wednesday Mar 30   04:30 PM to 06:00 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Zephyr Rocket
As noted in the first proposed course, this course is also unique to the photography community. I do not believe that I have seen this particular topic on the schedule of any photography conference. ShutterFest would be at the cutting edge in offering this to photographers. While there will be informational content delivered in a lecture/semi-lecture format, it will engage the audience in critical thinking and self-examination via self-reflective exercises. Participants will be given materials to aid in these exercises.
This course will focus on the importance of understanding photography as a profession and therefore why it is important to understand the values and codes of ethics of the profession. It will then focus on the reasons why 'good ethics means good business' by citing examples of such. Participants will be asked to engage in dialogue about some of these.

As in my short guest post for Skip Cohen University, and my guest podcast noted in my 'about me', this course will focus on:

1. Photography as a 'moral' profession
2. The community or other-focused nature of the profession of photography
3. Individual and professional integrity
4. Codes of Ethics in Photography (with a focus on some professional codes in photography and other business organizations)
5. Writing a code of ethics for your business/studio

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