Nicola Borland

Nicola Borland Photography
Hello my name is Nicola and I see beauty everywhere.  I think the world is made up of puppy dogs and rainbows, with a side of unicorns mixed in.  And I think I’m very funny!  No, but really, my tag line, “Capturing The Beauty In You” came about very organically after thinking about what I really love to do, and what the results of my artistic visions have created.

As my friends know, I am nothing if not honest, so I’ll tell you something. Some photographers might tell you it’s all puppies and rainbows, but I’m here to tell you that running your own business is hard work.  But if it’s work that you love, which I do, then it’s worth it.  And I really do love meeting new people and getting to know them, and I really do get excited at each session for the images I get to capture for my clients.  My most treasured possessions are some old photographs I have of my grandparents, and knowing that some of the images I capture, will become those treasure possessions for my clients and their kids and grand kids, is the best feeling.