Soft glamour

mercredi 30 mar.   10:30 AM à 12:00 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
Midway Overhang B
Essentially, a non-studio course in glamour lighting, focusing on mood and tone. Overall more emotional content, and softer looks, as well as (ideally) locations that are not simply a commercial studio. But I can work with almost anywhere reasonable, which is also a great lesson to teach to attendees (esp. when conditions are not ideal).
Sure, it's about how I light it (usually single light), but also about what i envision I am gonna shoot, which has to change radically at times. (Note I do not teach boudoir, as boudoir is an approach and not just a genre or lighting style.) Some of my dearest friends are top boudoir photographers, and I am fully aware my company is not a boudoir service! :)

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