Resolving Conflict Ethically with Peers, Employees, Employers, and Clients

mercredi 30 mar.   10:30 AM à 12:00 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
Zephyr Rocket
While there will be informational content delivered in a lecture/semi-lecture format, this course will engage the audience in critical thinking and self-examination via self-reflective exercises. Participants will be given materials to aid in these exercises.
Conflicts are a part of human life. The more we do, and the more we engage with others, the more likely conflicts will arise. How can these conflicts be resolved in a manner that is ethical and in a manner that upholds or enhances the integrity of the conflicting individuals and your business? How might good communication help prevent conflicts and also resolve them?
This course will focus on:
1. The importance of providing detailed and accurate information (to employees, employers, clients) in an organization
2. The importance of communicating information and expectations in an honest and respectful manner
3. Being a good listener and a good critical thinker
4. Why neutrality is important in resolving conflict
5. Creating a win-win for all parties

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