Art as Therapy

mercredi 30 mar.   04:30 PM à 06:00 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
The Dungeon
This will undeniably be an emotionally charged class and lecture. I will tell my story and why I switched drastically from a wedding photographer to a fine art photographer. I will then explain the process I went through and how I conceptualized and created images for my series (and new work coming out). I will go through the process of digging deep into your darkest (and lighter) areas of yourself in order to create art. We will talk about what this type of personal work can do in forms of self awareness, express emotions and relieve stress. I will give each step of how I would process each and every step when going through this process. This will be for people looking to create a personal body of work, exploring their innermost emotions and greater self awareness to assist them in both professional and personal lives. This is not just for people dealing with pain, I believe this can be applied to anyone's life and experience regardless of the range of emotion.

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