The power of the face.

mercredi 30 mar.   04:30 PM à 06:00 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
New York Central
In photographing a human subject, we are always confronted with the emotional aspect of personality. Each individual is also characterize by the human face. A face that carries the marks of life, a roadmap to who we are. Yet, quite often, we find our subjects hidden behind a mask of fear or insecurity. This can apply to a seasoned model, a businessperson or a celebrity. During this session, Hernan Rodriguez will take you on a physical and psychological journey of the face, pulling back multi-faceted layers to identify markers that reveal your subject. We will cover behavioral profiling, ranging from how your subject sits to how they hold their hands. Also covered will be the study of your subject's facial structure, to identify and solve anatomical flaws through corrective approaches, in order to arrive at an ultimate portrait. Some of these techniques have been used by the master painters, yet they are also relevant for creating the most flattering photographic portraits of a subject, whether they be fashion, commercial or classic portraiture. In a live demonstration, we will review lighting techniques and styles specific to men, women, young and old. The face is the most powerful element any human being possesses. Don't miss this session to pull back the veil, for portraits that speak.

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