The Art of WOW- Creating Your Signtaure Style

mardi 29 mar.   10:30 AM à 12:00 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
Caboose Reg Office
Mastering posing, lighting and composition is sometimes not enough. To create really great images, the photographer needs to learn how to coordinate all three of these skills all at once. It is common to take separate classes on lighting, posing and composition but in the REAL WORLD the photographer has to effectively use all three skills at once. Sometimes we may learn how to light but if not coordinated with the right pose and the right composition. the image loses its impact. Learn how to coordinate all three skills- posing, composing and light to create images with impact and WOW! Learn the fundamental building blocks to creating your own signature style. This is a hands on class on where the student gets to watch a master photographer work- analyze the decisions he makes from the composition, the type of light and how he frames the subject and what equipment choices he uses. This class will use these techniques to unlock the secrets of creating a signature style.

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