A master class in color.

mardi 29 mar.   10:30 AM à 12:00 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
Burlington Route
The colors we include in the frame have a profound effect on the success of our images. In this extensive session on color, top celebrity photographer Hernan Rodriguez, provides an in-depth look at everything you ever wanted to know about this subject. Topics to be covered include basic color theory, the psychology of color, the use of color filters for enhanced results, the effect on a subject's skin tone, using color for specific portrait applications and more. Rodriguez also explains how various lighting sources—from flash to continuous light to natural light—will affect the way that color in your scene will be rendered in the final print/product. You'll also learn important strategies for controlling color from capture to post-production. Armed with these discussions, you'll come away with a brave new attitude toward color—and a full understanding of how you can use it to make photographs that please your clients and reinvigorate your own love of capturing images.

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