Shooting Boudoir - Posing for different bodies

mardi 29 mar.   04:30 PM à 06:00 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
Gothic Corridor
Let’s be honest, most women that walk through our doors don’t have an idealized Victoria’s Secret model body type - if they did, they would be off living the supermodel life!  Instead, these women are coming to us, completely vulnerable (getting your photograph taken is scary enough - take off your clothes and the scary level goes up x10!), and trusting us to make them look and feel just like those gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models. In this class, we will focus on photographing the everyday women who walk into your studio. This could mean size 12+, a woman who doesn't have a flat tummy, or who doesn’t love her thighs or arms. This could also mean a lanky woman without a lot of natural curves, who just wishes her booty or cleavage were bigger.  All women are beautiful, so let’s learn how to pose them in the most flattering ways for their bodies.


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