Behind every great portrait is a great background.

mardi 29 mar.   04:30 PM à 06:00 PM (1 heure 30 minutes)
Terminal Atrium B
When we think portraits, the first thought that usually comes to mind is the obvious - the subject. In this eye-opening, fun filled location expedition, we will explore a new approach and mindset, on how to create unique portraits at the whim of what the location has to offer us.

We will review certain practices such as where to place our subject, the use of light and dark backgrounds for better separation, and balancing bright "hot spots" on the background with your foreground. We will also review lens options that will help create story-telling portraits, unique to the individual subject. Attendees will walk away from this seminar with broadened awareness of surroundings beyond the obvious. This will be illustrated through simplified lighting techniques and practices that Hernan uses on his unique style of portraiture, which include shallow depth of field, reflective and subtractive lighting, and focused lighting through small portrable flash. As a portrait photographer, this will help expand the limitless options you have for your environmental portraits that will also create a new vision for your studio work.

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