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Catherine Asaro has authored about thirty books, including science fiction, thrillers, and fantasy. Her novel The Quantum Rose and novella “The Spacetime Pool” both won the Nebula® Award. She is a multiple Hugo nominee and a multiple winner of the AnLab from Analog. Her most recent books are The Vanished Seas and Lightning Strike Book II, both of which came out in July 2020.

Catherine has a doctorate in chemical physics from Harvard and a BS in chemistry from UCLA. Her paper “Complex Speeds and Special Relativity” (American Journal of Physics, April 1996) forms the basis for some of the science in her fiction. She directed the Chesapeake Math Program for many years. Her students distinguished themselves in many national programs, including the USA Mathematical Olympiad. She has appeared as a speaker at many institutions and as a Guest of Honor at cons across the US and abroad. She served two terms as president for SFWA and is a member of SIGMA, a think tank that advises the government as to future trends affecting national security. She also appears as a vocalist at clubs and conventions. Her most recent single, the Celtic-themed song Ancient Ages (written by Arlan Andrews) placed on the Blast-FM top 100 in 2020.

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Friday 12 February, 2021

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9:30 PM
Entering the Cyberspace Era - Recorded 1 hour, 9:30 PM EST - 10:30 PM EST

- Burroughs


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Saturday 13 February, 2021

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7:00 PM
7:00 PM
Reading: David Brin and Catherine Asaro 1 hour, 7:00 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST

- Stone


Catherine Asaro (Speaker)

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