Sen-Foong Lim

Designer / Writer
Bamboozle Brothers

Sen-Foong Lim burst on to the board game design scene in 2011, as the co-designer of the Euro-styled strategy game Belfort and has since risen to prominence with games like But Wait, There’s More!, the party game about pitching wacky products, to Junk Art, a family-oriented dexterity game, and Akrotiri, a game about unearthing lost temples in ancient Greece.

As his games have been successful critically and in terms of sales, Sen has been requested to work on games featuring some of fandom’s most beloved properties including The Legend of Korra, Dragon Ball Super, Batman: The Animated Series, Kingdom Rush, MIND MGMT, the WWE, and Dungeons & Dragons. He is also a highly sought-after developer and rules editor, with an ability to take other people’s games across the finish line. He has worked in this capacity for companies like WizKids, Everything Epic, and Nauvoo Games.

Over the past few years, Sen has also been writing for roleplaying games like Kids on Bikes, the North Sea Epilogues, Never Going Home, and Rookwood Manor. This year, Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall, the first full RPG that he co-wrote, will be launched. Jiangshi is an RPG focused on running a Chinese restaurant as a multigenerational family of immigrants. All while fending off vampires.

Sen often speaks on panels at game conventions including Gen Con, Fan Expo, SHUX, and San Diego ComicCon and has guest lectured for game design courses at Wilfred Laurier University. Sen also co-hosts the weekly design-centric webcast, the Meeple Syrup Show (

He may have to use Brazilian jiu jitsu on you if you choose to play as yellow before he gets a chance but you can always try to distract him with good BBQ or discussion on DJing.