Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce LLC
I began publishing fantasy for teenagers in the Dark Ages of the 1980s, and have seen no reason to stop. My father introduced me to Robin Hood, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and then to writing fiction of my own, all before I entered seventh grade. It was my seventh grade teacher who introduced me to the work of this guy Tolkein, and my future became clear. Thanks to an agent who told me to break my first chunky book into four books for teenagers, I found my place in writing largely female fantasy heroes (though there are some guy heroes, too). I worried at first about sales and making a living, until I learned that kids who like what you do force your books on their families and friends, who do the same, until you make a living at writing and have a shot at bestseller-dom, with fans of all ages. Being too stupid to know when to quit was also helpful in my career!