10B - Co-op Entrepreneurial Work Term Pitch - Tesseract: the new generation of academic orientation

4:15 PM, mardi 31 juil. 2018 (20 minutes)
The transition between high school, CEGEP, and/or college to university has proven to be a very stressful and overwhelming shift to most students involved. At that age, teenagers and young adolescents need to make a critical decision regarding their academic career. Since academia has evolved to become a major stepping stone into a person’s professional career, it is safe to say that a key projection of a person’s lifetime will be mainly defined by that same decision. It is therefore critical that students have a very assured outlook going into their studies. Tesseract is a web platform that helps students get a better academic orientation by generating behavioural patterns based on psychometrics through machine learning and big data. We rely heavily on pattern recognition, data analytics and multi-criteria optimization through a collection of machine learning models using open source psychometric tools and assessments, while treating the user in a holistic guidance approach. With around 45% of undergrad students labelled as undecided, and 60% switching their program at least once during their academic journey, Tesseract is ready to implement radical changes that will bring forward the future of academic counselling.
Tesseract Technologies Inc.
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Tessaract Technologies Inc.
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Tesseract Technologies Inc.
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Tesseract Technologies Inc.
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