7A - Celebrating 10 Years of Concordia Co-op Mentorship: Where we started, where we are now and where will we be tomorrow!

Evolution of Co-operative Education
mardi 31 juil. 11:30 AM (55 minutes)

This year we are celebrating our 10th year of co-op mentorship! I will be discussing how we did it, where we started and where we are today. How to successfully incorporate a mentorship program and the benefits to our students, staff and our alumni. I will also talk about our most recent program for senior students called C2I (Co-op to Industry) mentorship program and how it differs from our original program.

Why we introduced a mentorship program

  • Research/pilot /findings/what worked and what didn’t work over the years and the evolution to where we are today.
  • Provide a more in-depth look at what our mentorship programs are all about.
  • The structure -Time frame -Recruiting
  • Mentors and mentees: how they differ, how they grow personally and professionally
  • Matching process -Communications and required reading and reports

Learning Outcomes  / Résultats d'apprentissages 

  • How important the matching process is in a mentorship program
  • The benefits and direct impact on ties we have within the external community
  • How a co-op mentorship program can make a positive impact in all types of students' lives

Université Concordia
Assistant to the Director

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