Mission of the 2017 CCAR Convention

The 2017 Convention will:

Be a program in which we interact with and learn from our host city, the institutions of higher learning in and around the city, and the scholars, academics, movers and shakers who help make the city thrive.

Allow participants to create a track or plan of learning, in a specific area, or choose a variety of different experiences in an effort to spark new ideas and “re-ignite” one’s rabbinate.

Create opportunities for participants to interact with and learn from one another in order to foster new relationships and strengthen existing relationships between colleagues that can be sustained beyond the convention setting.

Create an atmosphere where colleagues are comfortable and can relax, study, pray, socialize, and be fully present with one another and themselves.

Be a program that is attractive and relevant, and “speaks to” the diversity of the Reform rabbinate and all members of the CCAR.

Be aligned and integrated with the CCAR missions, pillars, and goals.


CCAR Mission

The CCAR enriches and strengthens the Jewish community by empowering Reform Rabbis to provide religious, spiritual, and organizational leadership as it:

  • Fosters excellence in Reform Rabbis
  • Enhances Reform Rabbis’ professional and personal lives
  • Amplifies the voice of the Reform Rabbinate in the Reform Movement, the Jewish community, and the world in which we live.


Core Pillars

The CCAR achieves its Mission by offering Reform Rabbis opportunities for:

  • Torah study
  • Professional development
  • Spiritual growth and emotional well-being
  • Specialized services, such as placement, pension, mentoring and advocacy
  • Publishing liturgy and resource materials for the Reform Movement, including prayerbooks for the home and congregations, Responsa, platforms and guidelines
  • Articulating positions on social, ethical, and religious issues of the day
  • Chevruta – a nurturing community of colleagues and friends.

Adopted January 17, 2008


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