The CCAR is grateful to the following for their substantial gifts in support of the CCAR Convention:


The Molly Blank Fund of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation for underwriting our engagement with the Atlanta community during Monday’s programming; at the hotel, at the National Center for Human and Civil Rights, and at The Temple

The Israel Ministry of Tourism for underwriting Wednesday’s Israel programming and for supporting leadership trips throughout the year

Ayelet Tours, Ltd. for all of their guidance, work, and wisdom in putting the conference together and for generously sponsoring breakfast

ARZA World/Da’at for generously sponsoring our reception honoring Alan Henkin, and in appreciation of our sponsors and donors


ARZA for underwriting the Israel Keynote Presentation

Our partners at HUC-JIR for hosting breakfast

Our partners at the Union for Reform Judaism for hosting the reception at The Temple

The Temple and their rabbis for their generous support

The American Jewish Archives for hosting the Tuesday evening program featuring Richard Cohen

Temple Emanu-El of Dallas in honor of David Stern

The family of David Stern

The past and current colleagues of David Stern for honoring him


The CCAR also wishes to thank the following for their generous donations:

Honoring Rabbis: Celebrating 50 Years in the Rabbinate

Sarah Hronsky

Jennifer Jaech

Lewis Kamrass

Janet Marder

S. David Sperling

Max Weiss



Convention Scholarships: Assist Colleagues in Need

Leah Berkowitz

Denise L. Eger

Lewis Kamrass

Eleanor Steinman

Michael White


Day of Confronting Ethical Issues with Paul Wolpe and Jonathan Crane

Daniel Feder

Adam Spilker


Honoring and Celebrating with Alan Henkin

Donald Goor

Ari and Rachel Margolis

James Simon



Honoring Incoming Board President David Stern and the new Board of Trustees:


Adam M. Allenberg

Roslyn Barak

Peter S. Berg

Eric M. Berk

Barry Block

Ana Bonheim

Annie L. Bornstein

David Cohen

The Cohen Family      

Lauren Cohn

Richard Cohn

Congregation Emanu-El of Dallas, TX

Congregation Emanu-El of San Francisco, CA

Darcie Crystal

Matthew Cutler

Daniel Danson

Julie Luks Danson

Barry Diamond

Amy Ehrlich

Carla Fenves

Anthony Fratello

The Gardner Family   

Wendi Geffen

Vicky Glikin

Rachel Goldenberg

Donald Goor

Rosette Haim

Oren J. Hayon

Kimberly Herzog-Cohen

Mark Kaiserman

Nancy Kasten

The Kasten Family     

Jake, Nina and Lili Kastern Stern

Paul Kipnes

Amanda Kleinman

Asher Knight

The Laikind Family    

Shoshana Lash

Leslie Niren

Anne Perry

Gary Pokras

Debra Robbins

Rick and Sally Rosenberg

Amy Ross

The Rudin Family      

Douglas Sagal

Amy Schwartzman

Ronald Segal

Judith Siegel

Lauren Silverstein Cohn

Rollin Simmons

Sharon Sobel

Jennifer Solomon

Casie Squires

Liza Stern

The Stern Family

Temple Beth Sholom of Miami Beach, FL     

Daniel Utley

Amy Weiss

Julia Weisz

Michael White

Gregory Wolfe

Brian H. Zimmerman

Sheldon Zimmerman


Honoring our Israeli Colleagues and Reform Congregations

Bradd Boxman

David Gelfand

Richard Kellner

Ira Korinow

Mara Nathan

Michael White



Honoring Outgoing Board President Denise Eger for her service and leadership

Roberta Bennett

Barry Block

Joel Fleekop

Jeremy Gimbel

Alexandra Glickman

Sarah Hronsky

Matthew Louchheim

Ari Margolis

Andrew Ogilvie and Cary Davidson

Elyse Resch

Eleanor Steinman

Carole & Jay Sterling

Marc Siegel

Karen Thomashow

Michael White

Steven Windmueller


Gift to the CCAR from the Past Presidents Council

In memory of Jacob P. Rudin (President 1957-1959), Herman E. Schaalman (President 1981-1983), and Jack Stern (President 1985-1987)

In Honor of Denise L. Eger (President 2015-2017)

In Honor of Incoming President David E. Stern

David Stern is the grandson of Jacob P. Rudin and the son of Jack Stern


General Support      

Barry Block – In honor of Incoming Resolutions Committee Chair, Michael Cahana, and Rabbinic staff leaders, Steve Fox and Hara Person

Congregation Emanu-El of San Francisco, CA – To support our closing reception with Reverend Cornell Brooks

Ellen Flax

Saul Joseph

Michael Shields

Julia Weisz

Women’s Rabbinic Network - Honoring all our Colleagues who have had a hand in creating this nourishing and edifying array of programs