Diana Bloom

Productivity and Efficiency Consultant
Mike Scott and Associates
Participates in 1 Session
Productivity and Efficiency Coach Diana Bloom travels throughout the United States teaching take-away actionable systems to achieve higher productivity and efficiency in all areas of an organization.
Diana spends her summers as Head Counselor at URJ Camp Coleman in Cleveland, Georgia supervising 7 unit heads who oversee 80+ bunk staff and over 400 campers per session.
Participants around the country have gained knowledge and tools during her seminars, conference workshops, and executive coaching sessions that have enabled them to immediately implement permanent changes in their personal and professional lives. Her techniques are presented in a manner that can be quickly understood with measurable results.
Diana’s humorous, engaging and straightforward training style has assisted thousands of people achieve dramatic change in their lives. Her workshops and executive coaching sharpen delegation, improve project management, strengthen communication and eliminate mistakes, while creating a Totally Accountable culture.
Diana grew up in Rockville Centre, Long Island and graduated from Binghamton University with a BA in Judaic Studies. Diana earned her Master of Arts degree in Jewish History from NYU where she attended as a Fellow of the Skirball Center. Diana is a frequent conference speaker for various organizations, including NATA, NAASE, WRJ, ACA TriState, FJC and JCCA.

What people are saying about Diana’s workshops and consulting:
“Diana did a fabulous job with our Staff! She met with our entire senior team for two days and helped us rethink our inefficiencies. We have all implemented many of her ideas and it has changed the way we operate. Congratulations Diana and Mike Scott Associates! I will never look at meetings and emails the same. Managers.... this is the best gift you can give to your team (and to yourself)!”                                                  - Rabbi Peter Berg, The Temple
“Diana's training session about accountability, teamwork, and communication strategies was a truly inspiring experience. Her strategies are simple to understand, well thought out, and not difficult to implement. Her training was inspiring on a personal level, and would be transformational on an organizational level. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”                                                                                             
-Rabbi Andrew Terkel, Director of Year Round Programs, Greene Family Camp
“Diana Bloom is an engaging and dynamic speaker. Her professionalism and knowledge are readily apparent, but it's her quick wit and sense of humor that distinguishes her from other coaches and trainers. She definitely keeps her audience connected. Diana's ability to quickly process information and provide meaningful feedback is a key differentiator. She makes the effort to really know her customers and to focus on their needs. She is amazing! I enjoy Diana! She is committed to her customers and will quickly become part of your team!”  
             - Jess Harris, CSP, ARM, CXLT , CHUBB

“I feel like I am fighting a battle that I can never win with email and to do's and Diana's methods are practical, simple and understandable. Diana also has a knack for getting the info across in a light tone that everyone is receptive to! Many of her simple examples of things going awry simply because someone forgot to write it down, made me laugh because it was so relate-able. Diana is a wonderful facilitator.”                               - Greg Kellner, Director URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy

Sessions in which Diana Bloom participates

Wednesday 22 March, 2017

Time Zone: EST/Eastern Time (US & Canada)
2:00 PM
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