The Torah of the Marketplace: Conducting Your Business Affairs with Integrity

Ethics Break-out Session,  Ethics
Tuesday Mar 21   10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Loews Atlanta Hotel - Ellington Ballroom - Salon F
The Talmud tells us that the first question a person is asked when being brought before the heavenly beit din is “Did you conduct your business affairs with integrity?” Many business-related issues present challenges in where to draw lines or how to navigate the ethical path between competing values. Where does one cross the line from presenting one’s product in the best possible light to deceiving others? What obligations does a business have for how a sub-contractor treats its employees? Synagogues are communal institutions, but (as our boards often remind us) they are also businesses with “bottom lines,” employees, and stakeholders with competing interests. What obligations do synagogues have toward their employees? Are there ethical obligations that go beyond following the letter of the employment laws in our communities?
Temple Beth El, Birmingham, Alabama
Interim Rabbi
North Shore Congregation Israel