Everyday Redemption

Ethics,  Ethics Break-out Session
Tuesday Mar 21   10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
Redemption in the Exodus narrative can be read not only as a historical record of ancient events, but redemption can also be understood as creating a counter-culture of hope when all that has been experienced until now is one of pure necessity. Redemption, in this view, is an ongoing, everyday activity. In this interactive presentation, we will identify and explore several rabbinic conceptions of everyday redemption including 1) mirror play, 2) deep dialogue, and 3) and the institutionalization of Torah study. We will also briefly discuss the inherent and dangerous temptation of overreaching and demanding an otherworldly redemption (Redemption with a capital R) in the here and now. The presentation concludes with a description and brief discussion of some practical contemporary example of everyday redemption in business.
Yeshiva University/ Sy Syms School of Business