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Pre-Convention Program: The United States & Israel: Lessons from the Past, Looking towards the Future (Pre-registration required)

12:00 PM, dimanche 19 mar. 2017 (3 heures)
Loews Atlanta Hotel - Ellington Ballroom - Salon F
Sponsored by CCAR and ARZA

We are witnessing a potential new world order that can significantly alter the US - Israel relationship. Two months into the new administration, we will be able to examine policy changes that are likely to affect Israel, America, and the world Jewish communities. As a Reform Movement supporting Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, the President's expressed policies on Israel could pose significant challenges to our progressive Zionism, our commitment to Israel's democratic character, and our relationship to the State of Israel. This pre-convention panel will present Israeli and American-Jewish thought-leaders who will reflect on the challenges facing us and Israel, and will offer key insights to take back to your communities. Fee includes a box lunch.

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