Terri Robson B.Ed.

Motovational Speaker/Owner
Awkward Spirit
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"Terri Robson, an educator who struggled to accept and understand the personal impact of Asperger Syndrome. She became determined to share her life experiences with others.

Terri has made international presentations for various professional organizations; including a number of government departments, Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton (including a breakout session after Michelle Garcia Winner), and a webcast panel for the Employment First Symposium.

Terri hopes through her presentations she will be able to assist professionals, caregivers, teachers, and parents in finding the information and supports needed to lessen the struggles for those individuals who may be on the same journey she has travelled. Terri is indeed a remarkable and resilient woman. Terri has also started an Adult Asperger Support Group for those living on the spectrum in Red Deer.

Dynamic. Funny. Informative. Aspie for life!"

Sessions in which Terri Robson B.Ed. participates

Thursday February 15, 2018

9:00 AM
9:00 AM