Awkward Spirits and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Guidance and Student Support ServicesInclusive EducationSpecial Education
Full Day Workshop
Thursday Feb 15   09:00 AM to 03:15 PM (6 hours 15 minutes)

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History - DSM. My diagnosis and the impact of the timing. Discussion of consequences of removal of the Asperger Syndrome diagnosis from the DSM-V

General Information

Discussion of developmental disabilities, especially AS and how we are perceived and treated by others. I am not Asperger Syndrome and I am not defined by my disability. Nor should others be.

Characteristics – including examples in the form of my own life experiences.

What You Will See in the Classroom – including behaviours (some of my own), aspects of communication which affect both teachers and students

Coping Tips & Techniques for school, employment and the world at large

Supports & Resources – books, websites, as well as posters, finger fidgets, etc.

Social Skills Survival (Learning the Unwritten Rules)

Exercises with participants

Awkward Spirit
Motovational Speaker/Owner

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