Mindful Essentials for Educators

Guidance and Student Support ServicesHolistic HealthTeacher Wellness
1 Hour Session
Friday Feb 16   10:45 AM to 11:45 AM (1 hour)
Early Childhood Education (Pre K-Kindergarden)Division 1 (Grades 1-3)Division 2 (Grades 4-6)Division 3 (Grades 7-9)Division 4 (Grades 10-12)

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Learn how to integrate mindfulness into your own life and your work with youth. This workshop will provide a solid foundation in mindfulness theory and practices to reduce stress, foster self regulation, increase focus, and cultivate executive functioning. Mindfulness has been proven to increase resiliency, improve cognition, nurture positive self perception and advance social emotional learning. We’ll examine recent research, learn key practices which you can use yourself as well as age appropriate versions for students K-12, and explore ways to implement mindfulness into the school context. You’ll come away refreshed and empowered with tools to connect mind and body through mindfulness based practices.
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