Women in Leadership: Are We There Yet?

Administration and School LeadershipAlberta Teachers' Association
1 Hour Session
Thursday Feb 15   09:00 AM to 10:15 AM (1 hour 15 minutes)
Hyatt - Doll
(Pre K-Kindergarden)Division 1 (Grades 1-3)Division 2 (Grades 4-6)Division 3 (Grades 7-9)Division 4 (Grades 10-12)

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This session will open up an important conversation about women in leadership. A large body of peer reviewed research continuously finds that high-achieving women experience social backlash because of their very success. Specifically, the behaviours that created that success violate our expectations about how women are supposed to behave. This session will focus on how senior leaders must navigate the multiple responsibilities and constituencies of their roles. In this session we will identify the unique leadership challenges and opportunities facing women in education today and come to understand when and how gender plays a role in both organizational and personal advancement.
Alberta Teachers' Association
Executive Staff Officer, Government

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