HIGH FIVE Sport & NCCP PD Credit

Career and Technology Studies and FoundationsInclusive EducationPhysical Education
Full Day Workshop
Thursday Feb 15   09:00 AM to 03:15 PM (6 hours 15 minutes)
Division 1 (Grades 1-3)Division 2 (Grades 4-6)Division 4 (Grades 10-12)

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Aligned with the Fundamentals and Learn to Train stages of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), this national certification is designed for anyone working with children 6 - 12 years in a sport club, organization or school team. HIGH FIVE Sport focuses on the social, emotional, and cognitive development and wellbeing of athletes. The training is based on research and has been designed to help coaches with top coaching dilemmas such as dealing with parents, keeping the child's interest, ensuring fair play and an emotionally safe environment. 

Participants who are NCCP certified may earn 3 Professional Development (PD) points towards the maintenance of the NCCP certification status.

HIGH FIVE Master Trainer and CSSD Teacher