Why Don't Sheep Shrink When It Rains? Art and Science collide in this Wet Felting Session!

ArtScienceSocial Studies
Half Day Workshop
Thursday Feb 15   12:30 PM to 03:15 PM (2 hours 45 minutes)
Early Childhood Education (Pre K-Kindergarden)Division 1 (Grades 1-3)Division 2 (Grades 4-6)Division 3 (Grades 7-9)Division 4 (Grades 10-12)

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Join this wet felting class to find the answer to this unique question and all your other felting questions. Learn about different felting methods and the many uses of wool in the world. Discover simple ways to incorporate wool into your class as you make a wet-felted picture. In our felting classes joyous energy is abundant as children touch, create with, sniff and marvel at wool every day. Every student is successful and creates a vibrant, lasting, unique piece of art. Now it's your turn! Barbara Leighton believed people should try every art medium before they decided if they were artists or not. You may not be a painter or sketcher - are you a ceramist, a sculptor, a jeweler, a fibre artist? Come try something new!
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