Education Inspiration? Music Integration! - Spotlight Talk

Spotlight Speakers
1 Hour Session
Thursday Feb 15   09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (1 hour)
Calgary Public Library - John Dutton Theatre

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Will Stroet, a former French immersion music teacher and a JUNO, CFMA- and WMCAnominated  children’s musician who stars in “Will’s Jams” on CBC television, talks about the power of music integration in elementary education. Music is not only a subject to be taught in school but also an important vehicle to enhance and inspire learning in all 


Will shares stories of growing up as the son of an inspiring French immersion  kindergarten teacher to becoming a French immersion teacher himself. He will share stories of performing and working in schools as a professional musician and as an artist-in-residence, including his first international tour in China this past summer. 

Finally, he will share stories of his work as a board member and artist with BC’s  ArtStarts in Schools, a non-profit that provides innovative arts programs for young people, practical resources for teachers and artists, and leadership in advocacy for arts in education. 

Will has performed more than 1,500 shows for children across Canada and  internationally and built his entire career on a philosophy of music as a powerful force that can inspire and motivate children to learn and create in an imaginative and fun way. In 2015, UBC’s Education department named Will as one of their Top 100 Alumni for his work with children through music education. This talk will inspire all teachers, even those not so musically inclined, to enrich their teaching practice and motivate their students by harnessing the power of music. For more about Will, visit and check out his music and live videos on YouTube. You can also connect with Will on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @willstroetmusic.


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