Experiential Learning and the Link to Stewardship and Citizenship: A Canada C3 and Students on Ice Alumni Youth Panel

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Friday Feb 16   09:00 AM to 10:30 AM (1 hour 30 minutes)
TELUS Spark - Dome Theatre

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In follow up to Lisa (Diz) Glithero's earlier keynote presentation on the Canada C3 Expedition, Lisa will be joined by 3 youth alumni who participated as either a Youth Ambassador (18-25) on the Canada C3 Expedition in 2017 or as a Student Expeditioner on recent Students on Ice Arctic Expeditions. Together they will share firsthand reflections on the value of experiential learning and the learning conditions, from their respective perspectives, needed to cultivate an ethic of stewardship and active citizenship in today's youth.  

Honouring the past and looking towards the future, Canada C3 is exploring the four key themes of Canada 150: Diversity and Inclusion, Reconciliation, Youth Engagement and the Environment.

Local heros, innovative projects and close-knit communities across the country are undertaking creative initiatives within these four themes and actively building a prosperous future for Canada. Canada C3 showcased these inspiring heroes, projects and communities from Atlantic to Arctic to Pacific.

The Canada C3 journey is giving Canadians new perspectives, triggering unexpected connections and sparking fresh ideas on how to build a better Canada.

As our ship travelled from coast to coast to coast, more and more Canadians added their voices to Canada C3 through our events in coastal communities, cross-Canada Museum Hubs, interactive map, live video and more.

Through contributions from every corner of the country, all ages and all walks of life, Canada C3 became a meeting place and platform that lead to long-lasting and meaningful connections, understanding, stories, art, music, scientific research and many important legacies for generations to come.

A panel of crew members and students will re-tell their experience at the Telus Spark, Dome Theatre.


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