Public Speaking is Still Relevant: Fast tricks to give your students an advantage that take only minutes a day

English Language LearningLanguage Arts and Literacy
1 Hour Session
Thursday Feb 15   12:30 PM to 01:30 PM (1 hour)
Division 1 (Grades 1-3)Division 2 (Grades 4-6)Division 3 (Grades 7-9)Division 4 (Grades 10-12)

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Will you students be ready for their first job interview, their next group presentation or speaking confidently at meetings in their future career? Come to this interactive workshop to see fast easy ways to incorporate the skills of public speaking with your students in pockets of time as you wait for the recess bell, fill that last period of the day or need a back pocket trick when you are in another class. Take away ideas, resources and evaluation techniques that will give your students an advantage over their peers in the real world.

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