Bethany Arsenault accepted the role of ORC Coordinator in June 2017. She holds a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS), as well as a B.Mus.Ed. and B.A. English Honours. She has taught in both elementary and junior high classrooms, and is passionate about information literacy and digital learning spaces.

Bethany is experienced in literacy and educational research. Her Master’s thesis, published through the University of Alberta and funded through a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant, focused on social media and digital learning spaces for young adults. She has also worked as a copy editor for the academic journal Theory and Research in Social Education through the University of Alberta. She has presented her research on topics such as Young Adult Literature and digital media at conferences all across Canada, including a paper co-written with Dr. Tami Oliphant and Dr. Michael McNally on the YouTube search algorithm at the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Bethany brings wonderful and innovative ideas to the ORC Coordinator position reflective of her published thesis work in virtual learning spaces and digital literacy. Her exceptional communication skills, along with her junior high classroom experience make her the ideal person to take the ORC to the next level.​

Literacy expert Blanche Lamont has offered literacy workshops to thousands of teachers locally, provincially, and at international conferences. She addresses literacy instruction in a manner easily accessible to beginning and experienced teachers alike. She is the author of Mentoring Young Writers.

Lynne Ursenbach has enjoyed teaching in elementary and middle schools in Calgary since 2001. Her roles have included teaching in community schools, in the GATE program and as an AISI L.L. She holds a Masters Degree in Interpretive Studies (Education) from the University of Calgary. She has a passion for learning through the Arts and teaching gifted underachievers.
Dan Weinert is an instructor with the Wood Trades (Carpentry and Cabinetmaking) department at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and holds Journeyman certificates in both Carpentry and Cabinetmaking. He has 29 years’ experience in the construction industry, eight of which includes teaching apprentices in both programs. He is regularly invited to local schools to share his passion for the trades and the successful careers they offer.
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If you have ever had students complain they "don't know what to write," this session is for you! Using her Random Things collection, author Lois Donovan explores how even a paper clip can inspire amazing stories. This series of guided writing activities motivates reluctant and enthusiastic writers alike and can be easily adapted to accommodate a wide age range. Built in supports and flexible options ensure a high level of success in a regular classroom with its ever increasing diversity. And, it's a LOT of fun! You may want to sharpen your pencil for this one!
Participants will walk away with a greater knowledge and understanding of how to engage students as health leaders. Throughout the session you will have the opportunity to examine practical tools and evidence based resources you can use to foster student leadership. Take time to reflect on your own teaching practice and determine how to use these tools to maximize leadership opportunities. Collaborate with other like-minded educators to share success stories and brainstorm new ideas for students to lead a healthy school community.

This presentation has two parts, Sweaty Eyes begins with a review of the signs and symptoms of identifying a child with ADHD and ends with anecdotal stories.  We use our experience as an educator to present a layman’s view to ADHD. The participants follow a child with ADHD from kindergarten through high school. It attempts to answer the question What ever happened to Johnny 

Fishing for Answers shows how ADHD impacts a child’s brain differently in the classroom. Children with ADHD exhibit a range of symptoms: some seem to bounce off the walls, some daydream constantly, and others just can’t seem to follow the rules. The session provides a number of successful strategies for teachers with ADHD students.

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Before the dust of the "dirty thirties" settled across the prairies, Alberta celebrated successes of some home-town heroes. Travel back in time with author, Lois Donovan, to the very British Alberta of 1929 as "Wop" May, famous WWI flying ace, and Emily Murphy, first female magistrate, are making their marks on Canadian history. What can we learn from our heroes and what messages do we want to pass on to our youth? A window into Alberta history, this session provides insightful fare for class critical thinking discussions and debates.
Learning is an inherently vulnerable experience. For students to be successful at school, they need to be able to feel safe, connected and be able to utilize strategies for self regulation in the classroom. For students who may have experienced trauma this may not come easily. This workshop will explore the complex interplay between relationships, sensory processing and learning. Specific strategies to support sensory regulation at school will be provided.

Sara will speak about what science tells us about how children learn to read and what science tells us about effective reading instruction. She will connect these ideas to the prevention of, and intervention for, dyslexia and any reading difficulties.

This talk is most applicable to K-3 teachers, but the science of reading is relevant to struggling readers of all ages.

Overwhelmed by your giant stack of marking and curriculum demands? Having trouble falling asleep? Stressed out by your ever growing to do list? Learn new, simple and effective ways to create moments of calm so that life doesn't feel so overwhelming. No incense or chanting required. You will walk away from this upbeat, interactive workshop with 15 specific in the moment techniques to help you cope with everyday stress. Topics explored include: Your Monkey Mind, Thinking and Feeling, Breathing Techniques, Acupressure and EFT. The best part is techniques can be used with your students too. A calm learning environment equals an effective learning environment. Let's make it happen!

Please print the document below and bring it to the Connect to your Calm workshop. We will be using this workbook throughout the session.

We are hearing all about the benefits of mindfulness and how it can enhance memory, learning and social awareness. Participants will:

1. Learn what mindfulness is and how can we implement it easily into our classrooms 

2. Explore the theory, research and benefits of mindfulness for students and staff

3. Participate in simple activities to experience the benefits of mindfulness ourselves.

Click here to view instructions on how to register for Adventure Medic Wilderness First Aid - Bridge and Re-Certification.

*FEES are paid to Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine Inc. DO NOT pay on the CCTCA website.

*Registration is completed through the Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine website. Registration closes at 5:00pm on Thursday February 7, 2019.

The Adventure Medic® Bridge program consists of 2 classroom days and 1 field day. It is for individuals looking to “bridge” a 16 Hour Standard First Aid to an Adventure Medic® 40 Hour Wilderness First Aid certification. The program is appropriate for those who take on a leadership role in the outdoors. Focus is on the long-term implications for initial care, stabilization and evacuation of patients in remote wilderness locations. For those recertifying a current 40-hour qualification, proof of valid certification will be required.

Adventure Medic Bridge program: Current Standard First Aid Certification with level C CPR & AED training
Adventure Medic Recertification program: Current 40-hour certification
*Participants must email a copy of their current certification into the office by February 5, 2019.

Certification is valid for 3 years.

Course Fees - Convention Special:
Adventure Medic Bridge: $315 inc. GST (Regular fee $372.75 inc. GST)
Adventure Medic Re-Certification: $275 inc. GST (Regular fee $325.50 inc. GST)

Click here to view instructions on how to register for Back Country Safety Skills.

*FEES are paid to Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine Inc. DO NOT pay on the CCTCA website.

*Registration is completed through the Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine website. Registration closes at 5:00pm on Thursday February 7, 2019.

Learn how and why emergency situations develop and what to do about them! The session will provide participants with both the knowledge and skills to allow them to better prepare and manage incidents that may arise in the back country. The session will be hands on and focus on emergency shelter building, fire starting skills, signalling methods, navigation techniques, water purification, and food and clothing options. We will take a look at items you should carry with you into the back country “just in case”! All participants will receive a personal emergency kit as part of the session.

Course Fees - Convention Special:
Back Country Safety & Survival $90 inc. GST (Regular fee $130 inc. GST)
Includes Personal Emergency Kit in session fee

Participants must wear clothing suitable for the weather conditions on the day. They should wear good footwear, pack water, snacks and a lunch and bring a thermal cup (coffee will be provided).

Click here to view instructions on how to register for Standard First Aid.

Click here to view instructions on how to register for Standard First Aid Re-Certification.

*FEES are paid to Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine Inc. DO NOT pay on the CCTCA website.

*Registration is completed through the Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine website. Registration closes at 5:00pm on Thursday February 7, 2019.

Standard First Aid is a 2-day program. Course content is presented through a combination of theoretical and practical activities.

The Standard First Aid Re-Certification program is a 1-day (8 hour) program. The session will review the theoretical and practical skills required for re-certification of your current Standard First Aid certification. A pre-study package will be accessible upon registration. Re-certification participants are required to attend on Thursday, February 14, 2019.

All participants will complete Level C CPR and AED skills.
Certification is recognized by Alberta OH&S and is valid for 3 years.

Standard First Aid: No pre-requisite
Standard First Aid Re-Certification: Current Standard First Aid Certification with Level C CPR and AED
Re-Certification participants must email a copy of their current certification into the office by February 5, 2019.

Course Fees - Convention Special:
Standard First Aid: $120 inc. GST (Regular fee $152.25 inc. GST)
Standard First Aid Re-Certification $85 inc. GST (Regular fee $99.75 inc. GST)