{G}Dee Clothing Co.

Without saying a word, your clothes tell a story of who you are. Say something interesting.

We all want to be understood. Appreciated for who we are. This begins with our own expression of ourselves. How we present ourselves in this world. Style & fashion help us do that, as fashion is instant language.

{G}Dee Clothing Co. is a host of beautifully shaped garments, each a unique statement of personal flare and character. The {G}Dee collection~ fashions all bodies and sizes. We would love to help you find and express your individual style!

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!" - Coco Chanel

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3P Learning (Mathletics)

3P Learning offers a variety of e-learning programs that are designed by educators and educational technologists for schools and families. Come visit our booth where we will be showcasing a few of our classroom solutions, Mathletics, Mathseeds and STEMscopes. There will be live Mathletics demos, swag give-aways, and you can meet our local Calgary team! Find out how our e-programs can change your classroom experience.

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Access52 provides live event experiences for your Students, Staff and Parents. Our goal is to help students live the story they are meant to tell. With over 20 years of experience and over 4,000 letters from students sharing with us "Things I wish my parents knew", we are confident that we can inspire school communities to make their greatest contribution!

Motive - Challenge - Inspire

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ACCENT is a bilingual directory designed for school communities so they can find recreational, cultural and educational resources and activities that are available in French for students in Alberta. Therefore, ACCENT creates a connection between service providers and school communities that have French as a first language, French immersion and French as a second language programs.

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Adina Gifts

My goal is to provide unique products!

Silver spin rings-Canadian design.

Vegan purses, wallets and backpacks- Canadian designed, some with unique art.

Crystal sun catchers- Made by me.

Unique jewelry and decor...

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Advantage Orthotics

Custom made Orthotics

Neck/shoulder massagers

Foot massagers

Reflexology machines

Detox foot patches

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Agriculture For Life

It is our mission to help Albertans understand the incredible depth and opportunity that agriculture affords. We work with various stakeholders including corporations, not-for-profits, farmers, ranchers, educators and government, who are passionate about agriculture and rural and farm safety education. Through the delivery of high-quality educational programming and resources, we are committed to sharing agriculture's story, providing accurate and balanced information that meets K-12 curricula, showcasing and supporting Alberta farms, farm families and our rural roots. Some of the programs we provide include a bi-annual, 2-day Education Symposium, 'Know Your Food' station-based educational days delivered in-school, a Rural and Farm Safety portable classroom trailer, Farm Tours for Teachers, and 'See Yourself in Agriculture'; a career focused symposium for students.

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Alberta Champions

Alberta Champions is dedicated to engaging students with Alberta history. We achieve this via our story and essay contests for Grades 4 to 9. Students write about the accomplishments of an "Alberta Champion" and then confirm how they have been inspired by the champion to have an impact in their own community. Check out past winners, their writing and their amazing prizes at www.albertachampions.org

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Alberta Distance Learning Centre

ADLC is committed to helping students reach their potential through partnerships with schools and providing Grade 1 to 12 students from diverse backgrounds with high quality, innovative resources in an inclusive and flexible learning environment.

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Alberta Health Services - School Health & Wellness

Alberta Health Services School Health & Wellness Promotion team supports healthy school communities by using the comprehensive school health approach. The booth will highlight the important role that physical activity plays on students' learning, behavior and mental health.

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Alberta Milk and Dairy Farmers of Canada

Information for teachers about our school milk program, nutrition education programs for elementary and secondary teachers, and other curriculum, outcome based resources.

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Alberta Motor Association

Driver Education





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Alberta Retired Teachers' Association

The Alberta Retired Teachers' Association (ARTA) was established in 1963 as a province-wide organization. Its goal was to offer social activities to its members and to look at issues affecting retired teachers. In 1995 the ARTA Benefit plan was added to its list of services to retired teachers. Since then, ARTA has grown to provide such services to its members as: insurance, wellness information and activities, advocacy, retirement planning, technology information, scholarship awards as well as travel plans, social activities and other benefits.

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Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP)

Through conversations and various handouts, we share important benefit updates to ensure covered members are able to make the most of their ASEBP benefits and understand any recent changes. We also provide new healthy living resources we have developed over the past year to assist them in leading a more balanced life; this may consist of stretching guides, healthy eating habit tips, etc. In addition to handouts, we provide the opportunity for covered members to ask questions about their ASEBP benefits and our other programs and services.

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Alberta SPCA

Humane education resources for teachers that help inspire compassion for animals, people, and the environment - every living thing!

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Alberta University of the Arts

Since 1926, AUArts has inspired thousands of students to pursue their dreams. As Alberta's only dedicated art, craft, and design institution, we're proud to play an important role in nurturing creativity and driving innovation in our province and around the world. We offer education in art, craft, and design, ranging from continuing education and professional development classes, undergraduate degree programs, a Masters in Fine Art Craft Media, to grass-roots community partnerships, there's a lot going on at AUArts - we hope you'll join us.

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Alien In-Line

We teach skating skills to all students K - 12 in a gymnasium setting with inline skates.

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Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

Allstate Insurance provides personal lines insurance coverage, including: home and auto. We also have preferred rates for Educators.

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Arbonne International

Arbonne offers a wide range of vegan & gluten free health & wellness and personal care products; from anti-aging skin care, nutrition, mens care, cosmetics, bath & body care and also our baby care products. Come visit our booth for free product draws and a girls night in!

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Art in Motion Dance Education

Art in Motion is a local Calgary-based business offering dance residencies and workshops in schools. Art in Motion offers a positive and inclusive program that fosters creativity while building movement skills with children and youth. We specialize in Arts-Centred Learning, Creative, Contemporary and West African Dance styles. AIM recognizes the innate joy in movement that we were all born with, and we create a class culture where this is encouraged and celebrated. Students have opportunities to explore their creative voice, and find successes throughout their experience with Art in Motion.

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ArtFelt Studio

Artfelt Studio is a well-established Calgary based company which excels at bringing felting lessons to your classroom. For over ten years, our dynamic instructors have brought felting lessons to Calgary and area schools. With direct connections to Alberta curriculum and a focus on wet or needle felting, each student creates a unique, ready-to-hang piece of art using bright, colourful wool roving. Felting is perfectly suited for students in every grade. This in-school field trip is a favourite for both teachers and students.

Consider booking us to teach all the students in your school. You may choose to have each child make an individual piece of art or have the entire school create a legacy piece of art for the school or do both! These amazing art pieces will be the centrepiece of your next Open House evening.

Check out our website for student art samples. www.artfeltstudio.com

Contact artfeltstudio@shaw.ca today!

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Association canadienne des professionnels de l'immersion

Pierre angulaire de l'immersion francaise au Canada, l'ACPI oriente et enrichit la pedagogie immersive au Canada.

A travers son offre de formation, de recherche et de reseautage, elle fournit aux educateurs un soutien rigoureux, ainsi que de nombreuses possibilites d'apprentissage professionnel tout en inspirant un dialogue pedagogique en francais.

322  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

ATA Local 38

Calgary Public Teachers (Alberta Teachers’ Association Local 38) is a professional association representing the 8000 teachers employed by the Calgary Board of Education, making us one of the largest teacher locals in Canada. Our Executive Committee is comprised of 20 highly committed teachers, and our Council of School Representatives, comprised of more than 300 teachers, meets monthly during the school year.

5, 6  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

ATA Local 55

ATA Local 55 represents over 3,400 teachers and has been in operation since 1938. The legal responsibilities of the association are: To advance and promote the cause of education in the Province and to improve the teaching profession.

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The BenQ digital lifestyle brand stands for “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life,” fusing ease of use with productivity and aesthetics with purpose-built engineering. BenQ is a world-leading human technology and professional solutions provider serving the enterprise, education, and entertainment markets. To realize this vision, the company focuses on the aspects that matter most to users, redefining traditional technology with innovative capabilities that increase efficiency, enhance learning, and amplify entertainment – all while ensuring a healthy, safe, and intuitive user experience. BenQ’s broad portfolio of professional installation solutions include digital, laser, and interactive projectors; premium flat panels; and interactive large-format displays that take visual enjoyment to new heights in corporate offices, classrooms and lecture halls, and home theaters. BenQ is the number-one-selling global projector brand.

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Blyth Global

Blyth Academy provides an exceptional study abroad experience, delivered in small classes by skilled and personable faculty, in the most remarkable locations around the world. We do this by offering a structured and empathetic environment where young people can thrive personally and academically in storied places that offer boundless opportunities for the eager and curious. We offer several study abroad programs for students to choose from, including International Summers and Global High School.

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Boreal Science

Science equipment & supplies and kits for all areas of science teaching as well as STEM and MakerSpace products.

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Bow Valley College

ACE TESOL Certificate: English Language Career program

Post-TESL Certificate: professional development for teachers with diverse classrooms

Workplace Communication programs

IELTS English Testing Preparation courses

Intercultural Competencies for Leaders: leadership training

805  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks

Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks is a leading Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 10 consulting and publishing company specializing in games and teaching strategies for classrooms across North America. We publish award-winning math and literacy game books for primary, upper elementary and middle year students. Our award-winning books easily with Common Core Standards across North America.

411, 413  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary

Information on Boys and Girls Clubs programming for ages 6-24 - including after-school recreation (sport, leisure, game, social, and more) and employment preparation programming; programming designed to support LTBTQ2S+ students; programming designed to engage and support Indigenous students; as well as resources offered regarding youth housing and shelters, immigration and settlement, and more.

207  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz STEM enrichment programs combine inquiry based learning with hands-on building fun! Our interactive lessons and custom project builds introduce children to the dynamic fields of engineering and architecture using traditional bricks, technic LEGO and power functions. Concepts of design, scale, torque, friction and gear ratio come alive! Imagination and critical thinking is encouraged as kids are challenged to modify pieces and test outcomes to further expand on their learning.

208  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Bright Child Books

Educational books and consulting focusing on creativity and gifted learners.

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Calaway Park

Information on our Science Day programs, as well as our School's Out Celebration.

314  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth

Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth will provide service information for newcomers to Calgary. It includes education, employment, health, cultural competence, social benefits, volunteer, etc. This free service is connected to schools and other comunity services to support immigrants to Calgary.

517  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Calgary Climbing Centre

Indoor climbing gym offering Day Passes & monthly memberships, Climbing Lessons, Climbing Clubs & teams, Climb Park, Bouldering and more

320  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA)

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA) is the primary sexual violence (child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault) crisis and education service provider for Calgary. CCASA is committed to raising awareness and building the capacity of individuals & communities to respond to disclosures of sexual violence in a positive & supportive manner. A variety of free educational and training opportunities specifically designed for school personnel, students and parents are available.

212  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Calgary Emergency Management Agency

Are you an elementary school teacher looking to teach your students about the different emergencies and disasters that can happen in Calgary and how they can prepare for them? Look no further than Calgary Emergency Management Agency's (CEMA) educational programming for kids: the Ready Squad! The Ready Squad is a program developed by CEMA, who are part of the City of Calgary and are responsible for coordinating the response and recovery to disasters in Calgary. At CEMAs Ready Squad booth, teachers will have the opportunity to trial the Ready Squad e-course, speak to CEMA experts, and explore the additional activities and projects that they can facilitate in their classroom. The Ready Squad program is a free, fun and interactive way for students to learn about emergency preparedness, and has been designed to support the Alberta Education curriculum outcomes in Science, Social Studies and Health.

609  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Calgary Humane Society

GET READY TO CHANGE THE WORLD! In Calgary Humane Society's Humane Education department we have a simple view: The world can be, and must be, a better place for all living things. Through participating in an humane education program you will help to create the world we all want to live in. We offer a wide range of programs for children, youth and adults with a focus on building compassion for all living things, the role CHS plays within the community, empathy building, violence prevention and respect for our natural world. Our humane education programs foster compassion, empathy and respect through four program pillars: Youth Clubs, Birthdays, Camps, and Curriculum-Connected Presentations.

915  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Calgary Police Service ReDirect Program

ReDirect is a City of Calgary and Calgary Police Service partnership that helps young people who are vulnerable to being radicalized to violence.

When educators encounter students adopting any kind of extreme views that embrace violence, making a referral to ReDirect is a great way to help get them back on the right path.

A police officer and social worker will meet with the youth and connect them with the supports they need to address the underlying ideas or causes behind their radicalization.

913  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Calgary Pro-Life Association

Educational Life-Affirming Presentations promoting respect for all human life from conception until natural death. Respect You: You Matter is an interactive presentation about self/life esteem, suitable for grades 5 - 12. Respect Life: Fetal Development is suitable for students in grades 6 - 12. This presentation supplement the human sexuality, health, science and/or religion curriculum. Presentations are offered free from Calgary Pro-Life Assn., a non-profit, non-denominational, non-political registered charity in Alberta.

524  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Calgary Regional Consortium

The Calgary Regional Consortium offers professional learning opportunities to K-12 educators in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Consultants will be on hand to answer questions about services we provide and ways in which we can meet your professional learning needs.

510  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Calgary Reptile Parties

Calgary Reptile Parties offers in classroom programs for all grades. Our curriculum based programs bring life to living sciences.

920  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Calgary Stampede Foundation - Youth Achievement Programs

The Calgary Stampede provides a variety of education programs for youth. We will be showcasing our education programs including Journey 2050, Stampede School, OH Ranch Education program as well as information on Aggie Days and our Youth Performance programs.

315, 414  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Calgary Tower

104  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Camp Evergreen

Camp Evergreen offers the full outdoor experience. Whether you're coming to Camp Evergreen for band camp, team building, leadership development for a sports team or student council, or outdoor education, your experience will be one of the most memorable all year.

Our fully staffed year round facilities and programs offer horseback riding, wall climbing, high ropes and zip-lining, canoeing, archery and a TON of other amazing activities.

Drop by our booth during the convention to see what an experience at Evergreen could look like.

321  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Campers Village

Outdoor Education Equipment

917  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Campus Calgary Open Minds

Campus Calgary Open Minds provides week-long immersive field study experiences for Calgary Teachers at 14 vibrant community sites. Learn more about the diverse opportunities available to teachers and their students, and how a week at a Campus Calgary Open Minds' site can be a catalyst for year long inquiry.

901  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame is a charitable organization dedicated to recognizing and sharing the stories of Canada's 672 Hall of Famers. Our booth will be promoting our education offerings, which include: five in-house programs, two "Virtual Visit" programs, and our newest education initiative called "Beyond the Win: Hall of Famers on Tour" that brings Canadian champions of sport and spirit into schools to deliver inspiring assembly-style presentations!

326  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Canadian International School of Guangzhou

The Canadian International School of Guangzhou is looking for passionate and talented teachers to join our team for the 2020/2021 school year! We are a fully Alberta Accredited school in Guangzhou, China - an exciting and culturally rich city in South China. With positions in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, CIS will provide educators with rich personal and professional growth. We boast small class sizes, fully funded classrooms, technology for educators and students, teacher wellness, professional development opportunities, competitive Alberta salaries and a chance to see the world.

220  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Canadian Wildlife Federation

The Canadian Wildlife Federation (Federation canadienne de la faune) is a nation-wide not for profit organization committed to conserving and inspiring the conservation of Canada's wildlife and habitats for the use and enjoyment of all. The CWF has two programs at the convention:

WILD Outside is a national conservation-based youth leadership program designed for youth ages 15 to 18. By participating in this immersive program, young Canadians will experience opportunities for personal growth while developing and encouraging their own "conservation ethic." Learning from CWF facilitators alongside their peers, youth who join the WILD Outside program will connect with other local participants in the planning and delivery of community-based conservation action projects in their own community.

The Canadian Conservation Corps (CCC) is a three-part program that presents an exciting opportunity for youth ages 18 to 30 to learn, grow and experience Canada in a unique way while having a real impact on conservation. Your adventure begins with an exciting wilderness journey followed by a field placement with national leaders in conservation. You'll then develop your own idea into a meaningful service project in your home community. Are you ready for what could be the greatest adventure of your life?

905  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Canadian WoodWorker

Wood working equipment and supplies for woodworking shops and maker space areas.

923  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Capital Estate Planning

Provider of the ATA Voluntary Group Benefit Programs

Administrator of the ATA Group RRSP/TFSA

600  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

CAUSE Canada

CAUSE Canada is an international relief and development organization, working in West Africa and Central America. We are a Calgary based organization that offers school workshops to students living in Calgary and the Bow Valley areas. Our Poverty Awareness workshop series teaches students about life in the developing world and challenges them, through games and activities, to feel compassion and empathy for those living in extreme poverty. Teachers can then have students build on these lessons and as global citizens take action by participating in one of our activist projects. Learn more about CAUSE Canada and our education programs by picking up some of our printed material and visiting with staff at our CAUSE Canada booth.

704  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

CDI Spaces

School and Learning Commons Furniture

701, 800  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Centre for Literacy

Teaching material, in both English and French, to support teachers to provide differentiated instruction in reading, writing and mathematics. Products are particularly suitable for use with students with learning disabilities.

415  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta

The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA) is a public legal education organization dedicated to making information about the law available in readable and understandable language for Albertans. Through a variety of approaches (web, print, presentations, and answering questions) we help educate the public to enable them to make better decisions about many aspects of their daily lives.

916  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Chantiers Jeunesse

Chantiers jeunesse is a non-profit organization created in 1980 to promote the development of young (15-30 years), active and engaged citizens while fostering community development. Our mission is to promote the development of young, active and engaged citizens while fostering community development. Through our projects, youth increase their potential and gain new skills while discovering a new country or region.

616  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Children's Grief Centre

The Children's Grief Centre offers professional, specialized services for grieving children in Southern Alberta. Our counsellors help families with children & teens adjust to the changes in their lives using individual, family counselling and group support. Our counsellors are recognized experts in end-of-life, grief & trauma counselling for those aged 19 years & younger. Previously under the name Hospice Calgary, we have supported grieving families since 1991. Our team builds capacity in our communities through education, consultation, & resources.

813  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


Interactive health and wellness information booth.

202  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


Master of Education in Leadership and Master of Counselling programs

311  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Clay for Kids

We are a mobile clay and glass studio with classes in pottery wheel, clay building and fused glass.

707  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Coastal Bliss

Coastal Bliss is an on-location spa company catering to individual appointments, group bookings and corporate events. We offer mobile massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, lashes, waxing and makeup. Get a taste of the Coastal Bliss experience at our booth with a FREE Chair Massage!

804, 806  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Cobb's Adventure Park

Cobb's Adventure Park provides a variety of activities to keep students active as well as educational sessions built to the Alberta Curriculum! Our goal is to keep children active and learning!

426  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Columbia Outdoor School / Blue Lake Camp

Columbia Outdoor School provides outdoor learning experiences for students from grade 4 and up. Programs on water, forests, ecology and alternative energies provide hands-on STEM learning. We also provide a low and a high ropes experience developing teams and leadership.

222  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


Contiki are the leaders in trips for 18-35 year olds, and our mission is to connect travellers to experience the world. With over 300 trips in 50+ countries, we bring travellers together from all corners of the globe to discover new cultures and a little part of themselves along the way; all the while, focusing on unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories. Ask us as well about our custom educational tours!

419  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Conversations with Shannon

I am an Author, Inspirational Speaker, Grief Guide and Empowerment Coach. I share openly and honestly about the realities of grief and about the lessons I have learned on my own grief journey.

I am promoting my collaborative best selling book "The Great Canadian Woman She Is Strong and Free". The 14 women who share their sacred stories with you are resilient and courageous. They exemplify what it means to be Strong and Free. May our stories give you hope and inspiration, permission to live fully, love deeply and fight with everything you have in the name of happiness.

I look forward to speaking with you at booth 811.

811  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Corabella Handcrafted Wirework Jewellery

Whimsical wirework jewelry with a rustic chic vibe. Discover nature-inspired wirework, boho and vintage designs! Locally handcrafted using reclaimed and quality ingredients.

703  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



dancED Movement Project

dancED Movement Project offers one, two, or three week dance focused Artist-In-Residence programs. Our teachers are professional dancers and arts educators who work with each class to teach movement fundamentals and rehearse a comprehensive and challenging dance routine. All programs finish with the highly anticipated final showcase where students perform for their peers, parents and teachers in a full-scale production.

323  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

dbi Systems Integration Inc.

dbi Systems Integration will be providing information on K-12 audio, visual and lighting systems. Our services include system design, consultation, installation, project management, sales, repairs and on and off-site management. Our booth will show case the latest in audio, video and lighting products to bring about meaningful solutions to teachers and students experiences.

809  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Dear Dog Treats

Dear Dog Treats sells slow smoked, locally sourced and preservative free treats for your dogs. Various smoked products comprised of chicken, duck, lamb, goat, beef, bison or elk. From preservative free jerky to marrow bones and Dino bones. Also some Dear Dog Treats swag and accessories.

418  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Docs For Schools

In today's world, the documentary film can be an important teaching tool, offering relevant content to engage students with issues of our day, vital ideas, critical questions and new perspectives.

Under the umbrella of Hot Docs, the largest documentary film festival in North America, DOCS FOR SCHOOLS provides opportunities for classroom teachers and school librarians to book FREE documentary films (links with passwords) for in-school viewings.

Throughout the school year, a variety of themed programs are offered with a curated selection of docs for each. Teachers are able to book the film(s) of interest from each program that can supplement their course content.

Each film includes a free education package.

Oct to May - Free - Gr 7-12

223  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Editions de l'Envolee

Editions de l'Envolee and Editions A Reproduire specialize in edition and the distribution of teaching materials. Our catalogue is composed mainly of complementary material developed by teachers or those with teaching skills.

400  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Education Station

Our educational stores are filled with bright ideas and learning tools for teachers, childcare centres, parents, and kids.

201, 203, 300, 302  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Edward Jones

Financial Planning and goal setting for the serious, individual long-term investor.

617  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

EF Educational Tours

EF Educational Tours is the world's largest international student travel organization. We have over 50 years of experience and more than one million students experience our programs every year. Our educational philosophy is simple: the best way to help students gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through experiential learning. Together with educators worldwide, we provide experiences that teach critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and global competence.

712  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Elections Alberta

Invite your students to explore the electoral process, learn about citizen participation, and foster life-long engagement through our FREE teaching tools designed specifically for educators. "Building Future Voters", our Social Studies curriculum program, provides teacher rubrics, election simulation materials, and media files all designed specifically to explore the provincial electoral system - in both English and in French.

919  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

ELEV8 Lacrosse

Canada's leader in youth lacrosse development. Providing student-athletes with the tools needed to create opportunity in education, lacrosse, and the community.

601  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


Energy4me is an energy education program that helps students, teachers, and the public become more educated energy consumers. Energy4me provides teachers of all grade levels with classroom activities about oil and gas and other energy sources. The Developed by the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the National Energy Education Development Project, the program uses practical, hands-on activities to engage students in different aspects of STEM as it pertains to energy, especially oil and gas. Teachers can take a deep dive into the curriculum through workshops at SPE conferences or in the classroom with industry volunteers.

709  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


Canadian company offering GLUTEN FREE herb & spice blends to help meals healthy and delicious. No dyes, no additives, low or No salt. No MSG. No Preservatives. Use the spices with professional grade cookware to make meals from fresh to table in about 20 minutes. Epicure also offers cooking classes, fundraising and business opportunities.

318  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Evolution Audio Visual

Evolution Audio Visual is a leading supplier for audio visual products for schools. Our products include the popular line of Loft interactive products, Front Row classroom voice reinforcement and complete gym audio systems to fit any budget.

520  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Family Braces

Our team here at Family Braces is happy to provide information about orthodontic treatment and answer all questions on Braces, Invisalign and more! We're also booking FREE consultations at our convenient North, East and South locations! We look forward to meeting you.

109  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Feeling Fancy

Feeling Fancy is a popular boutique for ladies clothing and accessories. We specialize in tunics and dresses that pair well with our large assortment of bamboo leggings. Our whimsical yet practical selection of handbags, jewelry and scarves complete any outfit. When sourcing our inventory we make an effort to prioritize Canadian-designed, Canadian-made styles from Canadian-based suppliers while also ensuring that we have the most on-trend and high-quality products available. Our labels include popular labels such as Myco Anna, designed and manufactured in Montreal using recycled material and upcycled fur, and Jacqueline Kent Jewelry, a blingy and fun line of accessories out of Toronto.

Our stylish products are carefully chosen to delight the discerning Canadian woman; they are flattering, well-made and unique. We love to find those pieces that standout from the crowded marketplace of generalities and which push the boundaries of colour, texture and design. Over and above the quality of our products is our customer service; ladies love to experience our honesty and ability to suggest the styles that are most flattering for their body-type and which meet the needs of their wardrobe.

In years past we could be found at Market on Macleod, Granary Road as well as smaller pop-up markets. We love our current home in the north end of the Avenida Food Hall and Fresh Market!

819  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Fifth Avenue Collection

I sell the best fashion jewelry around. My jewelry is all handmade and lead-, nickel- and cadmium-free. Swarovski crystals are used to add the beautiful sparkle you will see!

721  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Fitness Experience

Fitness Experience is a premium, commercial, active living retailer focused on helping people and organizations make better health and wellness decisions. As one of Western Canada's largest fitness equipment providers, we make finding the right equipment simple. Our Staff are backed with decades of experience and education, and are committed to connecting you with the right piece of equipment to get on the path to great health.

904  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Foothills Academy Society

At Foothills Academy Society, we specialize in working with youth with Learning Disabilities and ADHD. We will be exhibiting information about our Professional Development services plus other programs offered to the general community.

514  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Footprints Dance Project Society of Alberta

The Footprints Move Tool is a free resource for dance teachers and those interested in children and youth motor skill development. Learn basic biomechanics that will help you spot dangerous movement habits and tips and tricks on how to correct them. The online resource provides concise information on how bodies develop as well as sample activities for improving balance, alignment, and spinal awareness. Fun activities and teaching tips are available for different age groups, from preschool through to teens. You need not be a dancer, physical therapist, or certified instructor to benefit from this resource, regardless of your teaching experience or the student body that you instruct, the Move Tool can help you to be more active in your classroom. Our Footprints team members are also available to come to you. We can provide professional development workshops in person as well as online webinars. Our specialists can tailor their presentation to your specific needs, based on the age and abilities of your students.

615  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Forever Bee

Honey, flavoured honey, bee pollen, honeystix, beeswax, candles, honey pots, drizzlers, body butter, soap, lip balm, diy kits, gift packs

820  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Friesens Yearbooks

At Friesens, we produce award-winning yearbooks for schools across North America. Friesens is 100% employee-owned, which means our success is connected to the success of each individual customer. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and believe that our quality, commitment, and passion "is that which only an owner can provide".

521  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Fun with Composers Inc.

Creative and interactive resources for classroom, music, drama, and physical education teachers Pre K- Gr.6. Fun with Composer's Teacher Guides (English and French), F-U-N' n Games Galore, FUN with Music 'n Yoga and more! All designed to bring music into your classroom in an interactive, fun way! All resources include audio and video files and are streamed 24/7 for your convenience! Visit our booth for your free sample download today!

902  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is an international nonprofit working to close the gender gap in tech. We offer free computer science programs called Clubs. In Clubs, girls ages 11-18 engage in fun coding tutorials, build community through activities, learn about inspiring women in tech, and work together to solve real-world problems. No technical experience is required to start a Club! We provide Facilitators with training and ongoing support for them to learn to code alongside girls.

816  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Go Thrive Fundraising Corp.

Go Thrive Fundraising provides consulting and coordinating services to raise money for youth-focused initiatives. We specialize in connecting schools with highly profitable products and user-friendly platforms. Our goal is to enhance the opportunities available to students, and provide teachers and administrators with the most efficient fundraising programs.

Have you heard of our 60-Minute Fundraiser? Raise thousands in an hour and host an event your students will want to attend.

718  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


Gopher is an industry-leading physical education, athletics, fitness, recreation and health products distributor.

507  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Granary Road

Granary Road Active Learning Park provides an interactive, educational and fun experience for all ages to enjoy. With 36 acres of activities, 3.5 kilometers of trails, a petting zoo and almost a dozen themed exhibits, bring your family and friends and let your imaginations run wild.

215  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Historica Canada

Historica Canada offers programs that you can use to explore, learn and reflect on our history, and what it means to be Canadian. All our resources are available for free, and in both official languages. Our learning tools are developed in consultation with pedagogical experts to ensure our educational resources are tailored to provincial and territorial curricula. On site, we will have learning tools and information about our programs free to take. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions you have and provide you with more information about the programs we offer.

105  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



iFLY Indoor Skydiving

Take field trips to a new height and make learning memorable with iFLY Calgary. Combining STEM programming and the thrill of flight, this will be one lesson you'll be happy we plan for you.

714  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall




Visit our booth to explore the IMPACT SOCIETIES Health And Life Skill Curriculum resource options.

The IMPACT SOCIETY has provided evidence based curriculum resources for over 25 years. The HEROES program meets over 80% of the Alberta Requirements for Health and Life Skills and has been proven, through a various studies, to increase resilience and mental wellbeing for students.

Our instructor guide and facilitator training options help teachers to bring our programs to life and develop the strengths of the students in their classroom.

Stop by and learn about our suite of resources for Teachers, Parents, Caregivers and counsellors including: The HEROES program, HEROES 2, HEROES are WARRIORS, and HEROES at HOME.

Visit our booth to explore the IMPACT SOCIETIES Health And Life Skill Curriculum resource options for grades 6-9."

7  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Inquiry Adventures

Inquiry Adventures will be selling social emotional learning and experiential education tools such as Thumballs, ULead Cards, and other great resources and books. Inquiry Adventures' also provides professional development on using games and activities to engage students in SEL. Perfect for teachers, counsellors, specialist educators, and administrators.

410  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Inside Education

For 34 years, we've been bringing environmental and natural resource education to life for students and teachers.

513  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Inspire Kindness

At Inspire Kindness we offer a Kindness infused fundraising product to help schools and groups raise money, while promoting kindness. We also have other Kindness based products and activities avaialble.

121  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Integrated Services in Education

Integrated Services in Education (ISE) offers high-quality psychoeducational assessments to support the educational and psychological well-being of children and adolescents.

931  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



J-VOX Distributing

Portable, personal voice amplification systems for teachers, coaches, etc

226  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


710  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Journey Counselling

Counselling for individuals, couples, families and children. And psycho-educational assessments for children and adults.

621  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


We are an award-winning non-profit dedicated to helping people lead more fulfilled lives. Our evidence-based curricula and professional development replace math anxiety with an understanding and a love of math in students and educators. We believe that all children can excel at math and, through early and continued success, can develop the confidence and cognitive abilities required to do well in all subjects. Come see us to learn about our free, lesson plans that are aligned to the AB PoS and to hear about current research being done in partnership with the University of Calgary.

815  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Jumpstreet Educational Tours

Jumpstreet Educational Tours will broaden your students' horizons by taking you beyond the Chateau Frontenac and the Eiffel Tower. A vos marques, prets, partez!

404  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Kids Cancer Care - Camp Kindle

Camp Kindle is owned and operated by the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta. For decades, our core mission has been to create magical camp experiences for children with cancer. We have taken that passion and experience and transferred it into building programs designed just for you!

We provide a selection of recreation activities, curriculum linked experiential learning or a mix the two to customize your experience. With a beautiful facility, outstanding food, friendly and engaged staff, a fully winterized site and reasonable prices, Camp Kindle is ready to be your destination of choice for class trips, band camps and outdoor learning. Stop by to learn more, check availability and enter your business card in our raffle.

106  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Kids Code Jeunesse

KCJ is a Canadian, bilingual, not-for-profit organization determined to give every Canadian child access to digital skills education, with a focus on girls and underserved communities.

We encourage inclusive and sustainable learning by teaching kids and the educators that play a crucial role in their development. We're making sure our kids have the confidence and creative tools they need to build a better future.

711  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

KMS Tools

KMS Tools offers the best value in tools, guaranteed! For the professional and the hobbyist, everything from woodworking to automotive, construction, to welding- we've got what you need! Our team of experts are here to help, serving Western Canada for over 30 years.

508  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Knights Financial Management

Independent and unbiased financial education for teens ages 14-24. This online program supports CALM and 6 CTS courses. With over 120 animated videos and personalized planning forms students begin mapping their way to financial wellness.

102  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



La Chik Interchangeables

Interchangeable skirt with pocket to wear with leggings for modesty and function. "That Band Thing"

912  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Lake Louise Ski Resort & Summer Gondola

Lake Louise, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most spectacular destinations on the planet. Our unique location offers the opportunity to glimpse, photograph and learn about the magnificent wildlife, precious ecosystems and unspoiled beauty of Banff National Park. Bring the whole class and give your students this opportunity to learn in a living postcard. The Junior Ranger Package offers a unique and interactive program that is focused on learning about grizzly bears living in the changing environment of Banff National Park. The program includes a theatre-style presentation, self-discovery time in the interactive Wildlife Interpretive Centre and a guided nature walk in the Whitehorn Wildlife Corridor. We are happy to work with teachers in advance to customize programs for any Grade 1 to 9 class. Our professional interpreters will deliver a memorable and experiential lesson that will fulfill your curriculum.

812  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Laser City

Everyone loves Laser Tag! Drop by the Laser City booth to hear all about our NEW field trips and to sign up for our Free Read to Win program! The Laser City Read To Win program is a free program for teachers in the Edmonton and Calgary area, designed to encourage students in Grade 1-6 to read more by rewarding them with free games of laser tag at Laser City!

817  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Learning Disabiities Association of Alberta

The Right To Read Program is a simple, effective and low-cost tool for teachers to use in the classroom to support each of their beginning readers. This program will help to pinpoint those weaknesses in underlying phonological skills and other reading readiness skills. Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta (LDAA) advocates for the rights of individuals with Learning Disabilities and promotes public understanding of the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives. Specifically LDAA is committed to working with the education system to ensure children with a learning disability have the supports they need to achieve their potential.

309  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Leighton Arts Centre

At our booth we will be offering information on our Art & Nature field trip program as well as our Art to Go in-school field trip program. There will be information on the updates that have been made to our Art to Go program as well as information on how we can work with teachers to provide a program tailored to their curriculum.

422  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Let's Talk Science | Parlons sciences

Let's Talk Science is a national, charitable organization that creates and delivers unique learning programs and services to engage children, youth and educators in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We support educators through professional learning and easy to use, curriculum-aligned online resources. We also offer youth the opportunity to be active participants with classroom outreach, national STEM projects, and interactive events.

821  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Lili et Leo

French Language resources for teachers and students that address the following concepts, feminine and masculine nouns, verbs, combination sounds and read-a-long stories.

127  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Little Caesars Pizza Kits Fundraising

Families love Little Caesars pizza, and our fundraising program is trusted for its quality and value. Earn $6.00 profit on delicious Pizza Kits! Stop by our booth for free samples and hear about our conference bonus! Pizzakit.CA or 855-724-1252

927  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Little Inventors - Powered by NSERC

Little Inventors is a unique initiative in partnership with the UK, with the goal of getting elementary school students engaged in STEM become inventors! They come up with their own wacky, fun, imaginative ideas to solve a real problem, and then, we pick some winning ideas to be turned into actual objects. This past year, students created a vast array of fun and useful items to live in space: here is a sampling of some of the inventions that came to life: https://nserc.littleinventors.org/ideas.

214  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Lizwoerks Sales Inc

Bedsheets, bamboo pillows, aloe vera cream.

412  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Marson Equipment

Woodworking, metal working, automotive machinery.

325  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


This booth will showcase math resources for kindergarten to grade 6 developed by a Winnipeg math teacher. This includes numeracy resources based on math recovery and basic operations resources.

211  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Maths-No Problem!

Teachers in Alberta are looking at building capacity with he concrete, pictorial, abstract approaches. The Maths-No Problem! method exemplifies this, and at our booth we will showcase both teacher-training and math resources, along with an extensive on-line video series. Our award-winning textbooks and workbooks have already started a math revolution in the UK. Join us to learn why, and to try your hand at solving some very puzzling math problems!

200  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Matrix Video Communications

Audio Visual Services, Consultation, and Integration

620  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Medicine Wheel Education

Authentic curriculum based children's books by First Nations authors. Every resource we offer carries a strong moral message that is rooted in the culture. First Nation's stories are filled with beautiful, heartfelt and educational messages that the world can benefit from. All of our books will demonstrate the depth and beauty of First Nations culture. Books and resources including educational lesson plans available in English and French.

227  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


Microsoft provides technology solutions that help people of action meet real-world challenges through innovation, productivity, and collaboration. Our mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.

3,4,9,10,15,16  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Mobile Escape

Mobile Escape exists to #awakenwonder in your students! We do this through providing 3 services to schools: 1. In-school field trips, where students get a chance to try three escape rooms and create their own puzzles. 2. Residencies, where we facilitate the process of students creating their own escape rooms. 3. Professional development, where we share the magic with teachers to help inspire new ideas in the world of student-led learning

118, 120, 122  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Money Mentors

Free in class Financial Literacy presentations for Grade K-12 and Online CALM courses.

225  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


Moneyprep is a financial literacy series with resources for Alberta teachers. We have interactive activity kits for teaching finance and money management in your classroom. Come check us out!

100  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Morgex Insurance

We’re proud to serve teachers throughout Alberta, from our offices in Calgary and Edmonton For over 30 years, Morgex has been providing home and auto insurance with an unwavering commitment to A customer service for our teachers. And while insurance and financial service have changed a lot; what hasn’t changed is our commitment to being here to help.

112, 114, 116  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Mortgage Architects

I'm one of Canada's top brokers with tremendous buying power from over 50 lenders.

I have a wealth of experience in dealing with teachers and will provide a custom mortgage designed for your needs.

I specialize but am not limited to:

Mortgages for the First Time Home Buyer

Mortgages for those looking to renew their mortgage

Mortgages for the Self Employed

Mortgages for those New to Canada

Mortgages for the recently Separated or Divorced

Mortgages with Alternative lenders for those with credit or income challenges

Mortgages for Investment or recreation property

Mortgages for those looking to retire

Please be sure to give me a call. I promise a stress free experience

108  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall




Nelson is Canada's leading educational publisher providing innovative products and solutions for learners of all ages. Nelson values and respects the lifelong learning continuum and dedicates its business efforts to the diverse learning needs of students and educators alike.

308, 310, 312  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Netball Alberta

Netball Alberta promotes, facilitates and supports programs that foster the advancement netball. We offer many programs that support and grow the sport of netball in Alberta including school clinics, leagues, training groups and a competitive provincial program. Netball Alberta conducts school clinics throughout Alberta teaching netball in which a trained coach will provide all the equipment required and their vast knowledge. Information about the sport netball and Netball Alberta school clinics will be available.

110  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


Environmentally friendly cleaning & personal care products for all family members.

417  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



OES Wellness Group Inc.

IQ massager, Clickies (hot/cold pads), Hyperactive Cooling towels & sportswear, PYT Hair care products, Styling tools and Thermal brush, Steam and go patented travel steamers

101, 402, 700, 702  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages

We will be promoting Canada's two official languages and will be providing brochures, posters and information on linguistic duality.

Nous ferons la promotion des deux langues officielles du Canada et nous fournirons des brochures, affiches et de l'information a propos de la dualite linguistique.

717  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Orangetheory Fitness

We will be doing a spin to win which will allow teachers to win up to a week for free to try out Orangetheory. It will also allow teachers to win a lip chap, pen or stress ball with a free session. We will have a rowing machine to show off our water rower as well as the Jenga puzzle game to win some prizes.

526  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


Orca Books is a Canadian Publisher of age appropriate content. Focusing on struggling and striving readers, issues from environmental to social justice.

719  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Pearson Canada

Innovative learning solutions created in collaboration with Canadian educators, with an emphasis on pedagogy, efficacy and best-in-class content.

500, 502, 504  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

PetroLMI Division of Energy Safety Canada

Experience the Energy: Take the Tour, is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality (VR) tour of Canada's oil and gas worksites. The VR features the careers, innovation and technologies of seven different worksites in oil and gas. The experience shows the audience what it is like to be on multiple worksites in the energy industry - from conventional and automated drilling, SAGD, mining, processing, and natural gas and liquids pipelines. Get up close and see the careers and leading-edge technologies that are transforming the Canadian energy industry.

802  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

PL3Y Education Calgary

The exclusive provider of DANCEPL3Y and YOGAPL3Y programs to the Calgary School Community! PL3Y programs are the world leader in developing physical literacy through school-based programs! All of the sequences that make up PL3Y dance and yoga programs, target the development, refinement and mastery of Fundamental Movement Skills, which are the building blocks of movement for lifelong active living!

305  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Plan International Canada

Informational resources and pamphlets about Plan International Canada's youth engagement programs

319  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Players Bench Team Apparel

Players Bench Team Apparel is you first choice in elite team apparel. We offer brands like Under Armour, Champion, Gildan, ATC, and many more. Along with unbeatable customer service and experienced graphic designers; Our goal is simple, make your team or business look like professionals! - We have be priviged to be the exclusive and preferred suppliers for Mount Royal University, the University of Lethbridge, Girls Hockey Calgary and Hockey Alberta.

619  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Pro Health Chiropractic And Physiotherapy

We provide Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage, Acupuncture, Naturopath, IV, custom foot orthotics.

We are a one of a kind integrative multidisciplinary clinic. We have a beautiful state of the art facility and equipment.

We will be offering free gait scan and a show special for $250 Custom Fit orthotics. Raffles for free assessments and first treatments.

523  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Prometour Educational Tours

Prometour is one of the most highly regarded companies in educational travel. We design customized tours to help each and every group get the most out of their educational travel experience.

213  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Quest Theatre

Quest Theatre nurtures young people through exceptional adventures in theatre. We are a theatre for young audience company based in Calgary that has been performing all over Alberta since 1984. Historically a school touring company, Quest Theatre has expanded over the years to include Drama Camps, Artist in School Residencies and an International Touring repertoire. Since its inception, the company has toured over 100 productions and reached over 1.3 million young people, teachers and families. At Quest Theatre we believe that all children should experience the extraordinary benefits of theatre. Doing theatre FOR children and WITH children for 35 years, we know we invigorate vital components of a child's development. Inspiring children to play, to create, to question, to explore, to discover, to understand and to dream are just a few of the high level outcomes achieved through the whimsy and magic of theatre.

622  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Repsol Sport Centre

Repsol Sport Centre is a world class sport and fitness facility that inspires individuals and teams to achieve their goals and dreams through innovation, expertise and passion. We offer Memberships and programs for Calgarians of all ages and abilities. Repsol Sport Centre School Programs provide students of all abilities the opportunity to participate in sport, wellness and aquatic activities all in one place. Program types include: Teacher Led Programs & Floatables - Book space for your class or team training teachers facilitate their own lessons. Instructor Led Programs Fully custom programs! Choose from the list of activities. A Repsol Sport Centre instructor will facilitate the session. Team Practices Teachers coach their own practice.

401  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Rick Hansen Foundation

The Rick Hansen Foundation School Program resources raise students' understanding of the potential of people with disabilities, and empower all students to become difference makers in their school and community. They support a culture of inclusion, where all students accept differences and are best positioned to succeed. Come find out how the Rick Hansen Foundation School Program's free bilingual lessons and resources, as well as inspirational speakers can be used in your school to Inspire, engage and include, while supporting Provincial Educational Priorities and meeting your district's social responsibility and inclusion goals at the same time.

409  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Rosebud Centre of the Arts

Rosebud Centre of the Arts is home to Rosebud Theatre and Rosebud School of the Arts (RSA). Located in the charming hamlet of Rosebud, AB, just 1-hour east of Calgary. RSA is a post-secondary guild school training students in performing arts in a community of faith-based artists. Rosebud Theatre produces live professional theatre for audiences April through December while mentoring the next generation of theatre artists. Students and guests attend from across Alberta, Canada and abroad.

107  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Rothney Astrophysical Observatory

Sky Science field trips for grades six, eight and nine.

420  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Royal Roads University

ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY Uniquely located at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, in Vancouver Island's historic Hatley Park, Royal Roads University is an extraordinary place of higher learning flexible enough to work with virtually any life schedule. Here, full-time students, working professionals and lifelong learners can fundamentally transform their education without putting their lives or careers on pause. Since Royal Roads was established in 1995, we've taken a purposefully different approach. From our interdisciplinary teaching, to our applied research focus, to our team-based collaborative cohort model - all our programs are thoughtfully designed to balance both intellectual and personal growth, while keeping students firmly on the path to advancing their academic and professional careers. We offer a full range of doctoral, graduate and undergraduate degrees, along with exceptional certificate and diploma programs. We have a mix of on-campus residencies and online courses. We value the life experiences that our students arrive with and take those diverse skills into account. And we provide a network of support to help nurture students growth, well beyond the classroom.

608  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Royal Tyrrell Museum

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology will be showcasing the variety of curriculum-fit school programs that it offers, both at the museum, and through distance learning. We will have program materials, fossils, casts, and resource information that teachers can view and handle. This will be a great opportunity for teachers to see what the Royal Tyrrell Museum has to offer for grades kindergarten through grade twelve, as they plan their field trip or a connection through technology. We offer programs that relate to the Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and Mathematics curriculums.

103  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Rubicon Publishing

K-12 Print and Digital Learning Resources

427  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall




Information on program offerings and upcoming events at SAIT including advertising tours, information sessions and other events.

2  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

SAIT Youth Initiatives

SAIT Youth Initiatives is a welcoming community that educates, empowers and excites young minds. With offerings for youth in Grades 1 to 12, we provide unique experiences that are designed to ignite self-confidence, stretch personal capabilities, and build meaningful skills that lay the foundation for future careers and educational pathways. SAIT Youth Initiatives will have program information on our Career Exploration Center, Dual Credit, Summer Camps, Year-Round Programs and more!

509  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Sapphire Fresh Jewellery

I design and make timeless jewellery with sterling silver, Swarovski crystal and other fine materials.

501  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Scholar's Choice

Educational material and products

218  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Scholastic Education

Scholastic Education publishes top-quality English and French classroom resources (both print and digital) built on the latest research that reflect best teaching practices.

403, 405, 407  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

School Start

Back to School with School Start! Providing schools with their students' back to school supply kit needs for over 10 years. As well, we have a teachers' resource utilizing an online teacher app. to order BULK supplies for specific classrooms and grades. Administration teams can also utilize our BULK ordering system for any additional stationery needs for the school in general.

624  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Schoolhouse Products Inc.

Schoolhouse Products is a nationwide supplier of school furniture. We represent over 50 different manufacturers. With experienced representation, we focus on quality and service.

605, 607  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Scientists in School

Scientists in School is a non-profit organization that offers half day, hands-on, inquiry based STEM workshops in kindergarten to grade 7 classrooms. Our workshops are presented by local experts in the field, who bring plentiful scientific materials to the classroom. Each of our curriculum aligned workshops are fun, and have relevant content that builds critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills.

115  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Search Associates Canada Inc.

Search Associates is the world's largest recruiting agency for international schools. We represent over 750 of the top international schools around the world and we help place over 3000 teachers and administrators each year. We also organize an international teacher recruitment fair each December in Toronto. To learn more about how to become an international educator, please stop by our booth. We look forward to meeting you.

515  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

SERG (Society of Educational Resource Groups)

Your one-stop shop for offsite and onsite learning experiences!!! The Society of Educational Resource Groups (SERG) is a consortium of educational organizations from across Southern Alberta. Our member sites feature dynamic programs representing the full spectrum of the Alberta Schools Curriculum for children from kindergarten through to grade 12. SERG has served the Calgary area and Southern Alberta since 1988 with curriculum-based programming responding directly to the Alberta Learning Program of Studies.

914  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Service Alberta

Reality Choices is a resource for Career and Life Management (CALM) teachers. It covers consumer protection laws in Alberta and topics such as budgeting, credit, renting, online shopping, car buying.

522  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Simply Sailing

The West Coast Experience is an introduction to the wild and wonderful world of life at sea, while discovering all that Coastal BC has to offer. Students will live aboard one of our sailboats for 5 days with a school chaperone and one of Simply Sailing's qualified instructors to complete Sail Canada's Start Keelboat Sailing certification.

614  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Sinneave Family Foundation

The Sinneave Family Foundation (Sinneave) is a charitable operating foundation, created in 2008 to address the challenges experienced by emerging adults with autism. Sinneave's vision is that individuals with autism are supported in the transition to adulthood to realize their highest quality of life. Our work includes providing programs and services, and collaborating with partners in activities focused on enhancing transition support, sharing promising practices, building system capacity and fostering policy development in the areas of education beyond high school, employment, and independent living.

Sinneaves Resource Centre provides information, navigation, and support to all individuals, families, community members, educators and other professionals interested in autism information and resources. The collection of physical resources includes: Tip Sheets on common autism-related issues, workshops offered throughout the year, books, and brochures. Our lending library is cost-free and covers an extensive range of topics and ages, all carefully selected to provide credible information.

Sinneaves Launch suite of programs focuses on helping autistic individuals, parents, educators and other professionals prepare for and respond to the transition to adulthood. Launch Online is a free online resource for getting started on creating a transition plan. Launch into Life! is a group workshop for individuals, parents and professionals that provides a chance to connect, develop goals and learn about community resources. Launch + Skills offers individualized transition planning plus one-to-one skills coaching for emerging adults interested in continuing their education, getting a job and/or building their independent living skills.

As an exhibitor at the Calgary City Teachers Convention, Sinneave staff will be pleased to provide visitors with further details about our organization, services and supports.

119  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


SmarterMarks is an online tool that helps teachers build and administer paper assessments and interpret results, with a focus on outcomes-based assessment and reporting. SmarterMarks makes it easy to: build and version assessments, including a variety of question types; administer assessments and interpret results, with feedback that includes performance on learning outcomes; and collaborate, sharing questions and statistics so teachers can make evidence-informed decisions around assessment.

406  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


We're SoundKreations: The in-school program provider that breathes life and relevance into dance and poetry units across Canada. We've led hundreds of school programs and have had the pleasure of introducing more than 150,000 smiling students to the world of dance and poetry! We are comprised of the top instructors and professional dancers, trained specifically for the school environment.

304  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

A week long program of personalized, interactive, arts-based learning rooted in elements of each class' curriculum. Creative explorations in the technical, visual and performing arts will inspire learners and educators to make personal connections in, through, and about the arts.Working alongside some of the world's best teaching artists and technicians, students have a hands-on opportunity to create, reflect, and explore in an environment that supports personal and social growth, empowers practical learning and inspires curiosity that enriches the individual, the class, and our community. Our1 & 2 day programming will be a highlight for you and your class! Your time at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium will activate the artistry and imagination in your students and yourself. Through exploration of the technical, performing and visual arts, students will come out with a better understanding of the creative process that engages, inspires and develops social and personal development. Workshop Possibilities include: Audio: mic patterns, recording techniques, mixing, sound effects Lighting: shadow, focus, colour exploration, shaping of light, storytelling, gobo making Stage Craft: stage fly system, mechanical advantage, knots and rigging Atmospherics: fog, dry ice, haze Visual Arts: paint, mixed media, collage, graffiti Performing Arts: improv, voice, theatre games and storytelling Playwriting and story generating Directing 101 Workshops Spoken Word & Poetry All workshops are facilitated by world leadingTeaching Artists and Technicians in their field.

713  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Spectrum Educational Supplies, Ltd.

Spectrum offers over 60,000 products across most areas of curriculum to help your teachers deliver enhanced lessons and engaging student learning experiences. Spectrum-Nasco's nine discipline-specific educational catalogues include the following; Arts & Crafts, Early Years, Special Education, Literacy, Elementary & Secondary Mathematics, Elementary & Secondary Science, Technology & Robotics, as well as Physical Education

602, 604  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Staples Canada

Staples School Tools offers prepackaged school supply kits, filled with specific supplies required for students' upcoming school year. Kits are offered by grade level and each kit is delivered to schools, personalized with each students school, name, and grade. The back-to-school kits are a cost-effective and convenient way to purchase the exact supplies for each students needs. Teachers and parents are assured in knowing that on the first day of school, every student will be prepared for class.

606  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

STEM wonders for Edutainment

STEM wonder is a proud Canadian company with the goal of providing educational, challenges and fun activities to children of all ages to instill a clearer picture and understanding of what science, technology and innovation are all about and how it affects the world around us and shape it in our daily lives. At STEM wonders our mission is to spark children’s imaginative learning through science and engineering thinking, hands-on learning programs. We have a wide range of products to offer to your students such as, full dome movies, STEM workshops, Hands-on STEM programs, STEM challenges and competitions, camps and science shows.

We come to you... Our sky dome is tremendous hit, whenever we visit your premises, we will take your students scientist, engineer, mathematician and astronomers on a 25 to 45-minutes journey to discover the world around them. Keep in mind that our prices are affordable and reasonable, and we have a friendly staff; our shows are engaging, educational and entertaining. It is something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

For more details please visit our website

Or call 403. 830.7836 (STEM)

925  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Step Up Comfort

Constantly on your feet or stuck sitting in a chair for extended periods of time throughout the day?

We might have a solution that will help with your swollen, tired and achy feet and legs.

Compression Stockings!

We are committed to providing the best experience possible with both the products and services we offer. We are educated and knowledgeable in the latest compression stockings. We offer a wide variety of industry leading brands and products that come in all different shape, sizes & colors

911  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Supreme Office Products - Educational Division

Selling educational resources, classroom decorations, art and craft supplies, and school furniture for the elementary grades and daycares.

900  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning Centres of Calgary provides supplemental education services for the core areas of Reading, Writing, Math & Study Skills; as well as Homework Support for upper level Math and Sciences. For our core programs, we do an initial assessment to place the students within our program(s). This assessment identifies any skill gaps from previous grades; therefore each student is working on their own customized learning plan designed to fit each their exact needs. This focus on the individual helps today's learners grow, stretch and become whomever they aspire to be. At Sylvan Learning, we believe 'Learning Should Be Personal.

216  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Teacher's Pet Educational Services

Teacher's Pet Educational Services provides curriculum based in-school field trips for Kindergarten - Grade 6 students. Programs are inquiry based, interactive and hands-on. Topics include Science, Social Studies, FNMI, STEM, Art and Health.

301, 303  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


TELUS Spark is Calgary's Science Centre. We host 70,000+ students on curriculum connected field trips each year. In addition to classroom-based workshops, we offer live on-stage science demonstrations, live planetarium shows, and large format movies at Spark, various program options in your classrooms and professional development for educators.

818  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

TELUS Wise | Empowering Canadians to stay safe in our digital world

TELUS Wise is a free educational program designed to help Canadians of all ages have a positive experience as digital citizens. In-person and digital workshops and resources cover topics including cyberbullying, protecting your online reputation, security and privacy, and using technology responsibly.

210  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

TFH Canada

TFH Canada provides adaptive products for all abilities. TFH has everything you need to create a multi-sensory environment on any scale and with any budget. We have everything from adaptive seating and fidget toys, to dreamy lighting and calming swings. Terrissa Jordens, whi will be on site, is a sensory integration expert and can guide you through designing the space of your dream as well as recommend products for behaviours that may impact classroom efficiency and mood.

603  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE) works collaboratively to advance environmental education in Alberta - because educating today's youth to be tomorrow's environmental stewards is our best strategy to create a sustainable future.

We collaborate with teachers, education providers, parents, and students to help youth become aware of the environment, gain an understanding of it, consider environmental issues, and act to create a sustainable future.

We offer a variety of programs, resources and professional development to support teachers, including:

Workshops - ACEE staff have decades of experience in delivering professional development workshops, from one-hour workshops to multi-day sessions. Whether you're interested in fun environmental activities to do in your schoolyard or engaging students in learning about energy and climate change, we have something for everyone AND every grade level.

Recharge 2020 - a conference about energy and environmental education. At Recharge, teachers and educators will come together for three incredible days of professional development, indoor and outdoor workshops and ample networking opportunities in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Join us April 16-18, 2020 at the Coast Hotel and Conference Center in Canmore.

The Resource Hub - your one-stop tool for finding new resources, programs, professional development, and grants to support environmental and energy education in your classroom

Connecting Classrooms to Professionals - a program that matches classrooms with working professionals in various fields to help advance learning in topics surrounding climate, energy, the environment, and sustainability.

Energy Revealed - a national learning initiative that brings real-world energy monitoring and management into the hands of students, teachers and facility managers. This cross-curricular, multi-grade, experiential learning program leverages installed and plug-in energy monitoring technology to provide practical, hands-on opportunities with real-life applications.

Calgary Schools for Climate Action - a new initiative that seeks to engage Calgarys K-12 school community in local, yet globally referenced, climate education, action, and citizenship using the Citys Climate Resilience Strategy, the EcoSchools Canada environmental certification program, and the United Nations Agenda 2030 as visions and organizing frameworks.

We also support students through our Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental and Energy Education (AYLEEE) program. AYLEEE is a student group from grades 7-12 across rural and urban Alberta that demonstrate leadership in environmental and energy education in their schools and communities. ACEE and the Centre for Global Education are supporting the students in their environmental education projects and providing them with opportunities to have their voices heard by decision-makers in Alberta.

Visit our website www.abcee.org for more information.

224  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

The City of Calgary Parks

Designed by our experienced educators with a focus on hands-on learning, our programs encourage students to explore and experience nature in a whole new way. We offer half and full-day sessions focused on specific areas of interest, or we can custom design a program to fit your educational needs. Programs are offered at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Ralph Klein Park, Reader Rock Garden or a location of your choice. Whatever your needs or interests are, we will work with you to deliver a unique educational experience that will take your students on an exciting journey into the natural world.

611, 613  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

The Educational Partnership Foundation

Free educational programs for teachers

Reading...Give it a Shot

Environmental Action

Trades Careers

219  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

The Family Psychology Place

We are a collaborative team of professionals with a wealth of experience to provide our clients with answers and solutions to the problems that they are faced with. We have experts in the fields of psychology, speech language therapy, occupational therapy, as well as teachers to help with private tutoring. Rather than going to one place for a diagnosis, and another place for treatment, we are able to do everything within our company. We provide our clients and their families the convenience of coming to one place, and becoming comfortable with our community.

511  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

The Hangar Flight Museum

Museum offering flight related field trips

327  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

The International School of Macao

The International School of Macao is an Alberta accredited offshore school. We are looking for experienced, enthusisatic teachers looking to start their overseas teaching adventure.

204  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

The Quickdraw Animation Society

Quickdraw will be providing information on our Portable Animation Workshop residencies, which bring animation equipment and instruction into your classroom in a fast-paced and creative learning experience.

217  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Thirty One Gifts with AlishasTote

I am a happily married, mother of 6 growing children, who has been working/volunteering with the education system for the last 15 years. I am a director with Thirty-One Gifts. Being a stay-at-home mom with an amazing income has opened so many doors for me to be able to pursue my hopes and dreams! And I love helping others pursue theirs! I will have a variety of solutions for your classroom and home.

1  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Thirty-One Gifts

My name is Denise and I am a Senior Director with Thirty-One Gifts. Thirty-One offers a variety of products for you, your family and home. We offer purses, bags, organizational items, home decor, thermals, wallets and so much more. Our products are loved by teachers as they are functional and help keep you organized and fashionable at the same time!

221  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Three Left Feet

Three Left Feet is a high-energy, go-anywhere dance company. We provide dance residencies and performances for schools, communities, and special events. We have a passion for rhythm & movement. Come visit our booth for the latest information on our arts education programming as well as our stiltdance performances. Get ready to LEVEL UP!

918  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

TimePlan Education/Empowering Learning/Team Teach

TimePlan Education/Empower Learning/Team Teach are part of a UK educational services group. We provide teachers with teaching positions in England, Wales and Scotland, provide professional development and behaviour management training.

206  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Trickster Theatre

In each Trickster Residency we create an original 90-minute theatre performance for up to 500 actors in one week. We put your students first, ensuring that they play the main role in writing, producing, and performing the show. Throughout the process, we encourage people to think and learn in new ways by adding to the structure of standardized learning, telling stories through theatre. The development of the story and the integration of props culminates in a unique performance starring all of the students in your school!

705  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


Tupperware Products

715  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

TW Insurance Brokers

TW Insurance Brokers offers exclusive home and auto insurance rates and coverage to the Alberta Education Community. With over 85 years of experience and access to a variety of specialty insurance carriers, we will find the right coverage to fit your needs at the best value possible. We also offer our members 24/7 claims service with our exclusive Curo Claims team. Get an online quote in minutes to see how much you can save!

516  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



University of Alberta, Faculty of Education, Professional Learning

Information about part-time professional education for educators (Graduate, postgraduate, and post-baccaluareate) that facilitates studying without taking a leave from their careers.

324  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

University of Calgary Continuing Education

Continuing Education at the University of Calgary offers a Leadership Quality Standard Certification course as well as certificates in Adult Learning, Career Development and Academic Advising, and Teaching Second Languages.

929  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

University of Lethbridge Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge offers a variety of graduate programs designed for working professionals.

316  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Usborne Books

Children's educational books

113  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Visual Education Centre

Visual Education Centre is Canada's leading supplier of educational video resources for K-12 and Post-Secondary institutions, including Learn360 - the leading multimedia streaming platform for K-12 schools, and Criterion on Demand - the leading feature film streaming platform for Post-secondary institutions.

424  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


VRKADE is a virtual reality arcade company invested in the future, advancement and innovation of the education world. As one of the first companies it incorporate the tool of virtual reality to help students learn, visualize and comprehend subjects on a whole new level, we offer multiple options to teachers and school with our custom field trips and curriculum options.

527, 626  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



Werklund School of Education - Graduate Programs in Education

Graduate programs - admissions, program information

933  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall


209  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Wintergreen Learning Materials

Educational Products

801  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

World's Finest Chocolate

World's Finest Chocolate Canada is the leader in chocolate fundraising programs. We have been servicing Canadian schools, music programs, athletic groups and social clubs since 1958. We produce our chocolate from scratch, in our Peanut Free Facility, from the cocoa bean and the finest ingredients. All our chocolates are either Peanut and Nut Free or Peanut Free. Please contact us to see how we can help your school raise those much needed funds. Phone 1.800.461.1957. Email fundraising@worldsfinest.ca. Website www.worldsfinest.ca

421  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

WorldStrides Explorica

We work one-on-one with teachers to create incredible educational tours that meet their specific needs and budget. All Explorica tours are fully inclusive and expertly designed to immerse participants in the local culture while introducing them to the people, places and experiences that make each destination unique. Explorica is committed to enriching students through educational travel, and that means helping teachers extend the opportunity to as many students as possible. In addition to offering the guaranteed best prices in educational travel, we also provide scholarships and a variety of resources to ensure that every student is able to join their classmates on the tour of a lifetime. We help more than 400,000 students and teachers experience exceptional educational travel each year.

313  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

WP Puppet Theatre

Using the power of puppetry WP Puppet Theatre impacts positive social change. We produce and perform original puppet theatre and provide a wide range of puppet-infused learning experiences for students and teachers. Our mission is to inspire, challenge, empower, support expression and encourage empathy in our audiences and participants. New for 2019-20 we have launched "Courage Journey Suite of Workshops" promoting mental health and wellness for grades k-12. May 29-31, 2020 Puppet Power, our international conference on applied puppetry is themed - Puppets Go Existential.

908  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall



YMCA Calgary

We will be promoting our Grade 6 memberships, programs at the YMCA, including our outdoor school at Camp Riveredge.

716  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall

Youth Singers of Calgary

Learn about the many ways Youth Singers can support resiliency, build confidence and inspire learners through choral performance. Youth Singers is piloting in-school residencies and we would love to chat about how we can work with your school. We also offer Teacher PD opportunities and in school performances.

525  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall




ZACS provides audio and video solutions for schools and classrooms across Western Canada. Our products transform traditional school environments into immersive spaces using a vast catalog of purposeful activities and world-class audiovisual equipment.

110A  -  TELUS Convention Centre  -  Exhibitor Hall