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The CBE/ATA collective agreement provides for CBE substitute teachers to receive pay for attending one or both days of teachers’ convention. In order to be eligible, substitutes must meet two requirements: 1) the teacher must have worked at least 20 full days (or equivalent) between 2019 August and 2019 December 31, and 2) the teacher must be on the substitute roster during the days of convention.

If you believe you are eligible, and to declare that you will be attending Teachers’ Convention this year and receive pay, complete the following steps:

1. Ensure you have registered for Teachers’ Convention by visiting and signing up for sessions. For most substitutes, you will have already done this.

2. Complete the Substitute Teacher Convention Attendance Declaration form. Fill in all fields of the form and indicate the date(s) you will be attending convention as a substitute teacher.

  • The form permits declaring attendance in half-day increments.
  • If you are a part-time teacher who usually works in the mornings on contract, you may be eligible to claim substitute pay for the afternoons at convention, for example.
  • If you only wish to attend convention in the mornings (for example), you may declare attendance during those times only.

3. Attend convention on the dates/times you have indicated.

Some important additional notes:

  • If you have completed the form and later need to modify your declaration, click the “Edit” link that is sent to you in your confirmation email. You MUST do this if (for example) you are sick on the days of convention and subsequently do not attend, or if you are not attending for any other reason after declaring on the form that you would. The deadline to make changes to your declaration is 1630 hours on Wednesday, February 19, 2020. Failure to modify your declaration if you do not attend convention could result in employment consequences up to and including termination.
  • While there is no minimum number of sessions that you must attend, if you have declared that you will attend teachers’ convention during a particular day/time, you are expected to be at one of the convention sites and be engaged in convention activities (i.e. sessions, visiting the exhibitors) during the hours of convention. This is the same expectation that is in place for teachers on contract. Not attending convention activities during the time for which you are receiving pay could result in employment consequences up to and including termination.

Click here for information about the Substitute Teacher Convention Luncheon. Follow the link in the pdf to register for the luncheon.