Roselle Chabot Rouleau

TsuuT'ina Education

Volunteer and present for Junior Acheivers ... in high-school I was one as well and when in Carleton University I was the president of the Entrepreneurs Club

Love politics & spoke in the House of Commons on our health system. It was great experience, later nominated to run in 2007 election, that was an honour.

Graduated in 2013 from U of C as a mother of 4 (then 2, 11, 13, 15 ) ... "if I can you can!!"

Vice-President for the Laurentian Unversity Calgary Chapter

Jan 2014 - present: Tutor Doctor --> mainly high-school Mathemetaics also English, Social, ESL, and Science ... weekly teach several students

Jan 2018 - prsent: Columbia College -->Sub Instructor as required ... Christmas and Summers

Dec 2018 - present: Chrit the Redeemer --> guest teacher at Holy Trinity, St. Mary's, St. Francis of the Assissi as required. Get calls from Christ the Redeemer but I am only available when Tsuut'ina has PD or Springs breaks and they are operating

Nov 2019 - present: Tsuut'ina Schools --> Full-Time Substitute in the Middle/High, Elementary, and Adult Centre ...I have been booked daily since being hired last year. I have taught all courses from Tsuut'ina Immersion Class, Culture, Math, Elementary Literac,  Social, Elementary Gym, Art, Computers, and even Sewing as required.