Adam Olmstead

Grade 5/6 Teacher and Learning Leader
CBE/Stanley Jones School
Participates in 1 Session
Adam Olmstead is in his fifth year with the CBE, currently as a Division II generalist and Learning Leader. Throughout his practice in the classroom and collaboration with colleagues he has been fortunate to be faced with ever-challenging classroom dynamics that haven't let him get comfortable. Entering into education with a specialization in inclusive practices, Adam has been a constant advocate for keeping complexity at the center of classroom communities and using the impetus they provide to push innovative pedagogy for all learners. Whether it be trading focuses back and forth between gamification or tinkering-based learning, he is constantly looking to find novel ways to immerse his students in their living curriculum. An avid consumer of satire and a decidedly averse consumer of nonsense Adam's biggest hope is that this approach to the dialogue around us will at least somewhat rub off on those in his classroom. This is his second Calgary City Teachers' Convention presentation.

Sessions in which Adam Olmstead participates

Thursday 13 February, 2020

Time Zone: MDT/Mountain Time (US & Canada)
9:00 AM
9:00 AM