Robyn Oppenheim

Mathematics Teacher
Central Memorial High School
Participates in 1 Session
Robyn Oppenheim has been teaching mathematics since 2007 in a variety of settings in both Vancouver and Calgary. She currently teachers grades 10-12 at Central Memorial high school. Robyn recently completed a Masters of Educations at the University of Calgary. Her research focused on what teachers can do to increase student persistence and resiliency in math class.

Sessions in which Robyn Oppenheim participates

Thursday 13 February, 2020

Time Zone: MDT/Mountain Time (US & Canada)
9:00 AM
9:00 AM
  • It’s Not Just About the Math
  • Signup required
  • Crescent Heights High School - 226
  • 9:00 AM  - 11:45 AM  | 2 hours 45 minutes
  • Half Day Workshop
    Curriculum and PedagogyInclusive EducationMathematics and NumeracyDivision 3 - Grades 7-9Division 4 - Grades 10-12