Reactive Response VS Relationship Rebuilding – How Restorative Justice in Education can Provide Alternatives to Zero-Tolerance, Exclusions, Time-Outs, Suspensions and Expulsions

Administration and School LeadershipEducational Research
1 Hour Session
Thursday 13 Feb 12:30 PM (1 hour)
Early Childhood Education - Pre K-KindergardenDivision 1 - Grades 1-3Division 2 - Grades 4-6Division 3 - Grades 7-9Division 4 - Grades 10-12Administration
Location : St. Mary's High School - S202

Zero tolerance policies and exclusionary practices such as time-outs, suspensions and expulsions are often not having the desired effect of reducing harmful behaviour in our schools. In this session, participants will receive an overview of what Restorative Justice entails, and will explore how the principles and practices can be applied in the educational setting. Information will be relevant for teachers and administrators working in K-12 schools. This session will provide an introduction to Restorative Justice in Education - participants will leave with some practical ideas to try right away in classrooms and schools, and will be encouraged to undertake further study and training if they wish to adopt the RJE philosophy and practices on a more significant scale.
Calgary Catholic School Division
Vice Principal

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