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How the magic of modern devices is often based on basic math, mechanical and scientific ideas and processes

Career and Technology Studies and FoundationsScienceLearning Commons and Makerspaces
1 Hour Session
9:00 AM, Thursday 13 Feb 2020 (1 hour)
Crescent Heights High School - 200 Science Lab
Location : Crescent Heights High School - 200 Science Lab

This workshop will explore some of the basic ideas and processes that were ingeniously applied to create some of our past and present machines and devices. My homemade models and exemplars demonstrate these underlying ideas i.e.: the Geneva wheel, a 10-switch computer, a funicular (powered by gravity), generating electricity and 3D printing, CNC Manufacturing. The demonstrations and explanations may spark ideas you can add to your teaching repertoire or inspire new ones you could develop to augment learning in your classrooms.
Retired Teacher

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