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Double Dare You - Dymsystifying Dice

Curriculum and PedagogyMathematics and Numeracy
1 Hour Session
12:30 PM, Friday 14 Feb 2020 (1 hour)
Hyatt - Stephen A/B
Division 2 - Grades 4-6Division 3 - Grades 7-9
Location : Hyatt - Stephen A/B

Many schools and teachers have access to using engaging and motivating types of dice, both multi-sided and double dice types, but aren't sure what to use them for, or using them to their full potential. We know students love them, but what good are they? Come prepared to play games and find out. Games that will be highlighted teach the following concepts: mixed operations, place value, fractions, operational fluency, geometry and probability. That's a lot of math packed into dice. Gameboards, student samples and journal writing questions and extensions will be shared. Come prepared to play some of Box Cars and students' favorites alike.
Box Cars And One Eyed Jacks

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