Inclusion and Equity for ALL students in your classroom

Inclusive EducationSpecial Education
1 Hour Session
12:30 PM, Thursday 13 Feb 2020 (1 hour)
Division 1 - Grades 1-3Division 2 - Grades 4-6Division 3 - Grades 7-9Division 4 - Grades 10-12
Location : St. Mary's High School - N204

How prepared are you to provide an inclusive and equitable education to ALL students within your classroom? As educators, additional responsibilities are placed on you to educate students with diverse backgrounds and learning needs.

During this presentation, attendees are provided interactive opportunities to practice step-by-step procedures for providing appropriate instructional strategies. Attendees will determine,establish, and decide which adaptions to implement for improving their classroom instruction.

Lane Education Consultant
Education Consultant

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