Drama and DancePhysical Education
1 Hour Session
9:00 AM, Thursday 13 Feb 2020 (1 hour)
Division 1 - Grades 1-3Division 2 - Grades 4-6Division 3 - Grades 7-9
Location : TransAlta Performing Arts Studios - Studio 1

SoundKreations and PL3Y Education Symposium

THE #1 SCHOOL HIP-HOP DANCE PROGRAM IN THE CITY led by Senior SK Instructor Ajay Musodi! From the Bronx to the Videogame dance craze: This is the history of Hip-Hop! From “The Freeze” to “The Floss” from “The Harlem Shake” to “The Hype”- The most popular Hip Hop moves and trends have a rich history that few know about! In this workshop, we dance through the history of this artform and the electrifying evolution of today’s most popular dance style!

Come dance with us and bring moves, grooves, and valuable resources back to your classroom.

Senior Instructor

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