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Implement beginner student-led biotechnology activities like bio-art and genetic engineering in your school!

ScienceArtLearning Commons and Makerspaces
Half Day Symposium
9:00 AM, Thursday 13 Feb 2020 (3 hours)
TELUS Convention Centre - Ideation Room 4
Location : TELUS Convention Centre - Ideation Room 4

This STEAM workshop introduces teachers with no prior biotechnology or lab experience to the exciting world of biotechnology. Through both presentation and hands-on activities, Attendees will discover an entire ecosystem of content, hands-on activities, and tools that allow you to bring engaging, industry-relevant content and skill-building into your classroom - whether it be science class, visual arts class, or other.

Attendees will take part in a mock scenario of implementing biotechnology hands-on exercises in the classroom. Not only will you learn about the logistics of classroom implementation, but you will get to practice the activity just like your students would. The hands-on activities will center on creating bioart (biology-based art): after having completed a virtual interactive simulation of the activity, you will be making agar petri dishes (the "houses and food" that bacteria grow on), streaking safe, colorful bacteria onto plates and creating your own living painting! Set-up, clean-up and safety lessons will also be a part of the learning journey. Experience all the activities that you would have your students do in an actual classroom setting! This session will conclude by providing attendees takeaways in the form of easy-to-use lesson guides (developed by so that this and other biotechnology experiences can be brought back to your classrooms. No prior biotechnology experience or laboratory experience required - if you can cook an egg, you can do biotechnology. Your school does not need to have a dedicated biotechnology lab space.


i) Experience how to introduce your students to the exciting world of biotechnology through engaging, student-led, and simple to deploy activities.

ii) Learn how vast biotechnology is integrated into our society today and how it will only become more prominent.

iii) Experience first-hand, through the Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero learning journey, how easy it is to bring biotechnology awareness, concepts, and skillbuilding into your classroom.

Amino Labs Symposium

Amino Labs is a design-driven company using lean startup methodologies to develop products based on real user feedback. Founded in 2017, Amino Labs spun out of the graduate research conducted by CEO Julie Legault during her studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. With a mission to increase the accessibility of genetic engineering and make biology class fun and engaging for students aged 12+, Amino Labs is motivating the next generation of innovators using biology as a problem-solving tool. Driven by ground-breaking design and technology, the easy-to-use Amino Labs Educators Starter Kit pushes biotechnology beyond the expert market. For more information please visit

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